Looking bored on cam is a big way to turn off potential customers and while slow shifts can definitely be boring it’s important to remember to not look bored! One of the best ways to not look bored is to do engaging activities that prevent you from allowing that boredom to set in and even though you’re live on cam it doesn’t mean you have to sit there doing nothing until you get a private show. Here are some ways to avoid looking bored on cam. 

Read a Book Out Loud 

If you’re a bookworm and you’re dying to get to your favorite novel and a slow shift has you inching toward the “end stream” button, consider reading your book out loud instead. Reading aloud can keep your audience engaged and let them get to know your voice and a bit about your personality from the inflection of your voice and attitude while reading but also allow you to not become bored because you’re indulging in a book you find entertaining. Of course, try to take a break every so often to check the chat and get caught up on what everyone is saying. You may even find yourself a client with similar taste in books, nothing beats a show where you read a book aloud while you masturbate and get paid for it, right? 

Sing Along to Music 

Music is a fun way to show off your personality to your cam room while also keeping you entertained. Whether you grab your vibrator wand and use it as a microphone or simply sing along with the song that’s playing, music is a fun way to express yourself and your personality while staying entertaining and engaging. If a fan knows a song they are more likely to chime in and chat and maybe even make a request! 

Dance to Music 

If singing isn’t for you then maybe consider dancing along to some music instead, it’s a fantastic way to show off your assets while also getting a bit active and staying entertaining on cam. You can even add specific dance moves to your tip menu (like twerking for example) to take your dance performance to a sexier level. 

Play a Game 

Games can be a fun way to keep free chat flowing while you aren’t in private shows, you can try doing tip oriented games like playing hangman and making them tip to guess letters and completing the mystery word or phrase when they finish it (like “flash tits” for example) or you can play naughty two truths and a lie just to get the conversation flowing in your room. 

Do Party Tricks

If you’re someone with a few “party tricks” up your sleeve then it can be fun to bust them out to entertain your audience, whether it’s something silly like holding a bottle of water between your tits or something mind blowing like a magic trick, it can be a fun way to stay entertaining while keeping your audience engaged and yourself not looking bored. 

Replace Your Phone with a Tease 

Everytime you consider picking up your phone to scroll social media or do something that isn’t essential, stand up and do a quick little tease instead. It sounds silly but if you pavlov yourself into doing something entertaining rather than staring at your phone it can make a big difference in your overall appearance on cam. 

Host an Auction 

Time to put on your best auctioneer voice because if there are a few people in your room it’s time to start an auction! You can offer things like a nude sent to their inbox or a video to the highest bidder and let them make their offers in the chat and the highest bidder tips the amount for the content! You can use this time to tease the chat and encourage them to be in contest with one another which works well for getting more money and for being entertaining on cam. 

Use a Tip Vibe 

A tip vibe will usually encourage someone to tip to turn you on every once in a while, it’s a good way to get people enticed by you and to keep you from looking bored while you put on an entertaining performance for the tips. 

Tell a Story 

Instead of reading a book out loud, you can talk from your own experiences and tell a story. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dirty story either but you can simply go into detail about the events of a specific day or talk about the last video you filmed and it’s a good way to pass the time. If you do decide to go with a dirty story you can leave it on a cliffhanger and some clients will want to take you private to hear more. 

Lotion or Oil Up 

It’s never a bad time to hydrate your skin and you can do it in free chat in a teasing/enticing way to make customers want to go private with you and to entertain yourself for a little while. 

Greet Every Customer 

Every person who is logged in that comes in your room is a potential customer so greet them personally and ask how they are doing! Some customers are scared to start the conversation so saying hello and breaking the ice is a great way to get them talking and get them spending. 

Offer Spanks for Tips 

Offering things like spanks for tips can be a good way to keep free chat entertaining and give you something to do in free chat, it also allows you the opportunity to show off your body and entice customers to go into a paid chat. 

Show Off Your Toy Collection 

Showing off your toy collection is a good way to let customers know what you have available for use and to keep you entertained, you can even go more in depth and talk about times you’ve used the toy and which toys are your favorite and why. You can tease customers by saying things like “you’re dying to use this toy soon, hopefully someone takes you private.” 

Do Some ASMR

If you’ve got a high quality microphone you can do some seductive whispering to entice customers to go private with you. It’s also a fun way to keep yourself entertained trying to be as quiet as possible while whispering, you can encourage people to tip an interactive vibrator while you try to maintain a quiet tone during ASMR to try to “trick you into moaning loudly.” 

Talk to Yourself 

No conversation happening? Start one with yourself! Remember that there are privacy settings on the site that allow you to privately talk with a model so why not talk to a fake customer for a while? Some customers are competitive and will tip or talk to try to steal away your attention! 

Organize Your Lingerie / Show it Off

Customers love the idea of you in a sexy outfit or costume so organizing your lingerie while live on cam can keep you entertained and productive while remaining engaging with your chat and showing them potential outfit swap options. You can use this time to tell stories of when you wore the lingerie, what your favorite pieces are, and entice them into shows by saying you haven’t had fun in a certain outfit yet.

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