Chaturbate has built in apps to make your cam shows exciting and profitable

Once you press on the “Broadcast Yourself” button and enter the world of Chaturbate streaming, you’ll find yourself with many different features and functions to bring you success and tokens on the site. One of the most important features to utilize when streaming live on Chaturbate is their “Active App” feature. There are hundreds of pre-made apps ready to be used to help bring attention to your chat room and encourage viewers to spend tokens, if you are handy with coding you also have the ability to upload your own app to the platform. Chaturbate apps are very simple to get running and once you click on the “Choose an App” button under your apps and bots tab, you will be greeted by apps sorted by top earning, all time favorite, trending, and more.

Top Earning Apps on Chaturbate – July 2021

Top earning apps are the apps that are running while performers are receiving the most token tips. Utilizing these apps gives you the benefit of knowing you are performing an in demand style of cam show and that your viewers will likely be familiar with the app interface while it is running in your chat room.

Lovense-Me by silici0

Lovense-Me is an interactive sex toy based application that requires you to have a Lovense toy to utilize it. The application is jam packed with customization options and allows you to add your own special touch to the app as it displays in your chat room. It allows you to charge different amounts of tokens for vibration time and strength of vibration.

Lovense Dream by noiett

Lovense Dream is very similar to Lovense-Me but has the added capability to choose from more toy options, including not only the Lovense line of toys but also some Kiiroo interactive toys. Lovense Dream has the same ability to charge different amounts of tokens for vibration time and strength and also has many customization options.

Tip Goal by Chaturbate

Tip goal is more than likely the original application on Chaturbate, it was coded by Chaturbate and it is a very basic app that allows the user to set a tip goal amount and description for the goal. Pretty standard on most token based cam sites, easy to use, and great for the basic cam shows or fundraiser events.

Tip Multi-Goal by mx2k6

Tip Multi-Goal is Tip Goal on steroids, it allows a lot more customization and chat options and also allows you to enter multiple smaller goals which can be encouraging for viewers to tip toward rather than one large goal. For example: instead of using Tip Goal to raise 2,000 tokens for a naked BJ show, you could instead use Tip Multi-Goal and raise 500 tokens to take off your top, 500 tokens to take off your pants, 500 to strip naked, then 500 to start the BJ show. Small goals are less intimidating to viewers and also helps them feel at ease that they got the service they paid for when it contributes towards a smaller goal that will be met faster.


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