10 Myths About Camming That Need To Be Debunked

When entering the cam industry a lot of impressionable young people are under the impression that the model they see on page one is the model that they will be. But there are some cam model myths that need to be debunked! Here are some of the major myths about webcam modeling.


1. Not Everyone Can Entertain A Room!

You may think that you’re capable of sitting through the freeloading, the frustration, the countdowns, and the stress of pushing for certain room topics. Token sites are not for everyone. Some people are crowd pleasers and some are just singular or a few people pleasers. When you search for a cam site to start on you have to take into account the social experience it will provide and decide whether you’re going to entertain an audience or entertain a few.


2. The Odds Of You Making $100,000 Your First Year Are Not Very High

Unless you’re an instant sensation (which does happen, rarely!) you will most likely be putting in lots of time with little result until you build a fan base, and work up from there. If you are planning to make camming your full time job, do so while you are in a financial situation which you can make ends meet if it’s a slow week.


3. Taxes Are Not Already Taken Out For You

That small percentage you get after the cam site eats your money is taxed! You better plan ahead for your taxes too, I’ve seen horror stories of girls not realizing they weren’t getting taxes taken out until a year or two into camming and realizing they owed the IRS a LOT of money.


4. It’s Not Always Easy Dealing With Trolls / Insults

Trolls may seem like a breeze, but letting the insults roll off does not come easy! New models will face tons of new insults about their bodies and personalities that they may never have even considered before and it may leave you questioning things about yourself. The compliments will sometimes not outweigh the negativity and you need to make sure you put yourself and your happiness over your paycheck!


5. It’s Not Always Painting, Dancing, Drawing and Singing On Cam

Some models will make money doing what they love on cam (painting, playing music, dancing, drawing, writing, singing, etc.) but a lot of them worked VERY HARD to build a base of customers that loved them and their hobbies, and not just the porn side! Doing what you love may not always draw an audience, and you may not make money on it, but you can still dedicate time to it!


6. The Turnover Rate In the Industry Is Huge!

The turnover rate in the industry is terrible! You’ve done your research and watched the girls on the first page of the camming sites. Well, she’s still there because she’s on the first page and is probably doing well. The retention rate in the industry is god awful, and to make it in the industry you have to be strong and have the willpower to fight through the slow times.


7. Fame Comes With A Price

If you start camming you don’t even have to be “super popular” to achieve some level of internet fame. Your privacy will be compromised, so prepare yourself for the possibility of being outted, or being noticed by a customer or fan out in the real world. The internet is a crazy big place.


8. Camming Is A Lot Of Work!

The biggest stars tweeting out “be online at x-time!” then appearing online for 2-4 hours may seem like the ideal work day, but there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into camming that many people fail to realize. The set up, the preparing of your body, the planning, the tech set up, the graphic making, the connecting with fans… it ends up be a 24/7 job. Since you can carry it with you, it is always a part of you.


9. Your Personality and Camming Persona Might Be Two Different Things

What you like in your personal relationships might not be what you like on cam! In my personal relationships, I like to be choked and told that I’m loved… on the internet, I like to tell people they have small pathetic dicks and they suck as people. You on the internet and you in real life may be two totally different people, and that is okay!


10. The Grass Will Always Seem Greener

There are always contests or awards or something crazy going on in the adult industry, and for some this leads to “the grass is greener on the other side” feelings. You can’t change who you are to fit what you’d like to be in this industry, it’s so personal that it’s very hard to really be anything but yourself. So the best option is to be yourself!

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