How-To Guide for Performers Creating Sweat Fetish Content

Sweat fetish porn clips can sell very well and are a popular fetish on fetish oriented clip sites. Here are Katy Churchills tips for sweat fetish clips:

  • Makeup vs. no makeup: There are separate markets for both bare-face and full makeup sweat videos. If you choose to wear makeup, don’t choose waterproof or water resistant formulas. Running mascara is especially popular, as well as fake lashes coming unglued under a deluge of facial sweat. Whichever you choose, leave your hair down so that you can get the maximum value out of your sweat-soaked tresses.
  • What to wear: Non-nude sweaty content sells better than nude, especially when the sweat is visibly soaking the clothes. Test anything you plan to wear by splashing some water on it to make sure that your sweat will be visible on camera. Light heather grey is great, as well as cotton fabric. Workout gear may seem like an obvious choice, but many sweat-wicking fabrics don’t show sweat as well, which is great for the gym, but terrible for fetish content!
  • Show off the sweat: Closeups of your face and anywhere that sweat beads are visible are critical to satisfy fetishists. Adjust your lights and focus your camera, get up close and personal! Sometimes getting the right lighting or camera angle to really show off the rivers of sweat can be a challenge, but spending the time to get it right will really up your repeat customers. Closeups throughout the video, as you get sweatier, is a great idea.
  • Getting sweaty: You want to start “dry” and get “wet”! What you do in the video to get sweaty is less important than showing the effort. Heavy, panting breathing and really challenging yourself is a popular set-up. You don’t need a storyline for the video, and can do anything from twerking to jumping jacks to dancing–or anything else that will get you sweating! Don’t be afraid to make a long video, either. One long take is the best way to shoot with minimal cuts so you show the entire process, and videos 15+ minutes sell well, so keep it all in. I’ve sold videos 50 minutes long for sweat fetish, and 20 minutes is a great length to balance price and content.
  • Other sweaty ideas: If you have other videos where you get visibly sweaty in the video, make sure you mention that in the video description and tag it with sweat fetish! My introduction to the sweat fetish was customers who bought other content where I was sweating, even though the videos themselves were not about my sweating.

Now get out there and break a sweat!

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