What To Do If Customers Are Suicidal / At Risk

Sometimes being a cam girl makes you feel like you are doubling as a therapist. These men trust you to cater to their needs which are typically physical but every once in a while someone will also rely on you emotionally. A common problem among the cam community is men with “the boy who cried wolf” syndrome. They will do anything to get a cam girls attention, including threatening harm to themselves or insinuating it.

Self harm and suicide are very touchy subjects, and having to figure out the “right” thing to do can be very stressful on everyone involved. The most common mistake the cam girl can do is panic, and give them loads of attention. This creates a vicious pattern of “if she won’t give me attention, I can act out to get it” like a toddler would. There are certain steps you can take to avoid the stress and help the viewer.

Don’t Panic

But also don’t ignore them. If it isn’t inconvenient for you, you can feel free to offer them a shoulder to lean on. You will generally be able to tell the difference between a cry for attention and a cry for help.

Contact Your Site Support

Let your camming site know you are worried about the health and safety of a member of the site. They have more information on the customer and will be better able to get them help than you can. If anything is to happen, it is also documented that you informed someone and tried to get them help.

Direct Them To A Self Help Hotline

there are many different hotlines that run 24 hours a day and will be willing to talk them through whatever they are going through. (1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Hotline, open 24 hours a day.)

Direct Them To 7cupsoftea.com

At 7cupsoftea.com they can talk to an “active listener” who can help them deal with their situation. (Also, if you enjoy helping others and have free time on the computer, signing up to be an active listener on 7cupsoftea.com can be a very enriching experience!)

Consider Informing Law Enforcement

If it is serious and you recognize this as more than a cry for attention, informing law enforcement can help. I wouldn’t suggest doing this unless there are photographs or serious threats made, and it is much easier if you know a bit about the customer. (Their name, where they live, etc.)

Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Mood

Dealing with crisis like self harm and suicide are very stressful, but on the internet 9 times out of 10 it isn’t serious. Take everything said to you on the internet “with a grain of salt”.

Consider Distancing Yourself / Blocking User

Now, what do you do if you follow all of these steps and the actions still continue? This can be hard for many cam girls to do but sometimes you will have to make the difficult decision to distance yourself from the person or block them entirely. You have to remember that you are not held accountable for their actions! If they are bringing unnecessary stress into your work place on a regular basis then you have to do what is best for you, your mindset, and your business.

What Do I Do If My Customer Is A Risk To Me?

Every once in a while a cam girl will make the mistake of revealing her identity, whether it be for money transfers, accidentally blurting it out, their roommate walking in and yelling it, or them developing a friendship with their customer. This innocent mistake is usually not a problem and will be long forgotten, but on very rare occasions this can cause a cam girl problems.

Someone knowing your identity can make you feel overexposed and uncomfortable and some people will try to use this against you, and it can be very dangerous. Sometimes people you know will use your identity against you, threatening to “out you” to your fan base. There are some steps that can be taken to avoid problems like this!

Establish Your Cam Persona and Stick With It!

Establish your camgirl persona and stay in it as good as you can! I’m guilty of outing myself more often than anyone else does!

Blocking Your Personal Info

If your website provides it, block your name from your cam room. You can also block other information like your street name (as long as it’s not a common word) and the town you live in.

Consider Not Directly Depositing Into A Bank

Find a way to get money transfers without going directly through your bank, therefore avoiding the need to give your name out. There are digital wallets that can be used to accept payments.

Keep Tabs Of Who Knows You Can / Real Identity

If your name happens to be outed, do damage control. Keep track of who knows, so if anything were to get serious you’d have an idea of who was causing problems.

Contact Law Enforcement / File Restraining Order

If it gets serious, call the police. File restraining orders. Do whatever you can to keep yourself safe. I’ve had my phone number and address listed on “the dark web” in the past and received teddy bears with ripped out eyes in the mail, loads of Facebook requests on my personal account, and texts and calls to my phone. Cyber harassment is a SERIOUS issue, which needs to be taken care of. You are not in this alone!

Customers Don’t Need Your Real Identity To Be Abusive

On another note, customers can be abusive without even knowing your true identity. My most important tip in this article is: no amount of money is worth the loss of your values. If a customer makes you uncomfortable, is rude to you, makes you feel pressured, or makes you feel bad about yourself you need to cut them from your life completely. It does not matter how much money they give you, it isn’t worth putting yourself through emotional (or sometimes even physical) pain for someone else.

Always remember to inform your site of choice about abusive customers, they can block their IP address from visiting the site or monitor their accounts. It is very important to do this to avoid other models being put through the same thing you’re put through. Remember to always report members who speak of the following: rape, molestation, child abuse, self abuse, suicide, homicide, pedophilia, sex trafficking, illegal activities such as kidnapping, and any illegal activity that you deem unfit.

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