Applying For A Loan / Mortgage With Sugar Dating Income

Being a sugar baby has its perks. You get to spend money on the stuff that usually you wouldn’t be able to get yourself because of budgeting and those dreaded bills. It takes away a lot of the stress that many people who aren’t sugar babies face.


But Sugaring Does Come With Issues

There are some negatives to being a sugar baby, most of which come into play with banks and landlords. Explaining to a potential landlord or bank for a loan that “hey I have this income that is totally enough to make me able to pay for this, BUT it’s not really a sure thing and I don’t claim it on my taxes so it kind of doesn’t actually exist.” So how do you really prove to the bank or landlord that you are a reliable person?


Using “Net Income” (Including Non-Taxable) For Loans

On some forms, it will ask your “net income” including non-taxable income, this is the easiest way to get around it, because all you will need to prove your income is some bank statements showing your extra income. With that proof, most landlords or banks will put you in the clear and approve you. But in some cases, the “net income” box doesn’t exist.


Claiming Sugaring Income As “Gifts”

In this case you can do a few things, claim your income as “gifts” on your taxes and as long as it isn’t over $14,000 you won’t have to pay taxes on it. You can also have your sugar daddy write a “proof of alternative income” letter. Stating they promise to pay you x amount every month. It’s similar to a rental contract and although some people won’t take it there are a few companies that will.


Keep Track Of Your Income – Bank Statements and Other Documentation

Bank statements are your best friend. Keep track of your income over the course of a few months before you plan a big move or loan. Keep it well documented and print out statements. If your sugar daddy is local, you can have them cosign your loan or lease, so your income will be viewed together almost like a spouse. It’s crazy how a spouse isn’t looked down on but a sugar daddy is, huh?


Always Have Backup Income (Contingency Planning!)

Before taking on large financial responsibility make sure you have a back up plan if your relationship with your sugar daddy gets messed up. The key to having a successful life while also making the most of your sugaring is to not take on what you couldn’t handle yourself. Sugar daddy money should be for extra stuff, like entertainment and luxury. While splurging on a nice place with sugar daddy money seems like it could be great, it also creates an unhealthy attachment on the end of the sugar baby because the relationship becomes an “I need this person to survive” type of thing instead of “I’m doing this for the mutual benefit and to treat myself.”

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