Streamate is a popular webcam site for private based adult shows

Private style webcam shows are highly sought after for their high payment rates and the more personal one on one experience which some models have come to enjoy. Connecting with your customers on a more personal level is great for gaining and keeping regulars, allowing performers to focus on specific niche style shows, and also aids in preventing piracy because the show isn’t performed in public chat. Streamate is a popular website for providing private chats with customers and their traffic is very consistent due to their high payouts for member affiliates creating multiple highly viewed white label sites. Unfortunately Streamate does have flaws, including: very low payout, paying out affiliates and models at the same percentage, high technology requirements, occasional technical errors and glitches, frequent competitive events, and communication issues between management and performers (this is highlighted by the delay in telling California models they would be essentially fired due to a bill that passed, only to rehire them months later after leaving them with only weeks to find a new site/source of income.) Additionally there are rumors that their treatment of models is unfair and that they favor some models above others with placement boosts or paid incentives, but this information is only alleged and can not be sourced for the privacy and safety of performers who have implied this.

What are the best Streamate alternatives?


ImLive / EnticeLive, a great solution for private webcam shows

ImLive / EnticeLive is a great option for models familiar with Streamates private based system. They operate on a similar private based system that utilizes per minute pay. The payout percentage is very similar, boasting member referral options similarly to Streamates “cammodels referral” to incentivize active models to make the switch to the platform to gain additional revshare from members they refer. Models can chose to sign up directly with ImLive or through their US studio: EnticeLive. EnticeLive offers expert consultations, social media promotion, and daily payouts. This is a great options for models who like the set up of Streamate, but simply don’t want to work for Streamate.

Flirt4Free, go private or offer one of their many show types

Flirt4Free is packed full of exciting new types of shows, in addition to the private one-on-ones that Streamate performers have come to know and love. Although Flirt4Free doesn’t have their payout percentage or payout tiers public, it is assumed it would be around the same amount as Streamate (if not more due to the tiers.) Additionally models converting from Streamate can enjoy some of the similar features like built in fanclubs, option to sell videos, geo-blocking, phone, and an optional affiliate program to make more money on your customer conversions.




Sell Skype Shows, make more money with the private experience

Selling Skype shows allows you to keep the same benefit of one-on-ones with your clients while allowing you to make a greater earning percentage due to the site not hosting your live stream in a public chat. It is also great because rather than sitting in public chat waiting for shows, you can schedule ahead of time or have active hours and you will only be streaming while performing. This frees up additional time to work on other projects as well as limits the physical toll on your body caused by spending many hours online waiting to perform.

Skyprivate is a great website for selling Skype shows that pays out 75-86%, they have a model directory where customers can find you and book a show with you. You can also go the indie route and promote your shows via social media and other outlets and direct your customers to pay through an indie payment processor with a high payout like Erotifix which pays at 85%. / Streamray, a great Streamate alternative / Streamray models can expect to be paid based on tiers, which can ultimately earn them more than they would be making on Streamate if they are online and active consistently. They also offer a very generous 100% payout on members referred by performers for 6 months, which then drops to 80% once the 6 month period ends. Cams offers private chats and additional chat options as well, they even have private chats with cam2cam as an option which is something that is highly sought out on Streamate.

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