Become a top notch Phone Sex Operator and Earn Money Chatting on SextPanther

SextPanther is a website dedicated to connecting active adult industry performers with clients over texting sessions, phone sex calls, and video chat! They do require that you already have an active audience in order to be approved on the platform so if you are new to the industry, we recommend you check out something like Flirtback instead of SextPanther while you build up your audience.

  • Services: Sexting, phone sex calls, video calls, tips, pay-to-view messages
  • Genders: Women, men, non-binary, trans
  • Locations: US and Canada only
  • Model Earnings: The base percentages are 60% for texts, pictures, audio messages, videos; 75% for phone calls, video calls, feed posts; and 80% for tips.
  • Payout: ACH, check by mail
  • Traffic: Yes (on-site directory)
  • Geo-blocking: Yes (by country, state, and city)
  • DMCA: No
  • Affiliate program: Model referral for models only ($100 per signup)
  • Studio accounts: No

How to Earn Money on SextPanther

In order to get approved on SextPanther you’ll need an active audience which SextPanther will check to ensure you have a fanbase that will engage in your services on the platform. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to take advantage of their money making features and make money chatting with your fans!


Sexting is the main money maker on SextPanther and what the site revolves around, video calls and phone calls can be toggled on but your text line is always open unless you put yourself in away mode. You can charge a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $5 per text message that the client sends (your replies are free.)

Voice Messages

Voice messages can increase the intimacy of your sexting sessions on SextPanther and you can charge $1-$10 for your clients to open them! It can be a great way to spice up your sexting sessions and let them know you’re really engaging with them. You can also charge for them to send you voice messages back!

Photo Messages

Photo messages are another great way to spice up your texting and sexting sessions and show your clients what is happening in real time! You can charge $1-$10 for incoming and outgoing photo messages.

Video Messages

Video messages are a great way to really bring your clients in on the action with small snippet clips of what you’re doing to add realness and intensity to your sexting. You can charge $1-$20 for incoming and outgoing videos and it’s a great way to increase the potential earnings of your sessions.

Phone Calls

Phone calls on SextPanther can be a great up-sell to clients that want a more personalized connection than just sexting and you can opt in or out of receiving phone calls at any time! You can charge $1-$10 per minute for your phone calls and you can also set a minimum amount of call time to ensure clients don’t whisk you away for short amounts of time.

Video Calls

Video calls are another feature you can turn on and off at any time and you can charge from $1-$30 per minute for video calls! You can also set a minimum call time to ensure you earn a certain amount for your video calls.

Pay-to-View Feed Posts

In addition to the awesome one-on-one intimacy of sexting, phone calls, and video calls with your fans; you can also offer unlockable content on your profile feed so clients can keep themselves busy while you are away!

How to Engage with Fans on SextPanther

Outside of bringing your own fans over to the platform, there are other ways to ensure you’ll stay busy on SextPanther! The directory/creator listing pages on SextPanther will refresh you to the top every time you are active and listed as online. Try to stay in contact with your fans and reply every time that they message you so that you stay at the top of the directory!

You can also send a mass message to everyone who has favorited you to let them know you’re in the mood to chat, it gets sent as an individual message so we recommend reaching out as if you’re reaching out to only them!

You can post free photos to the feed to grab the attention of potential customers and let them know what kind of sessions you’re in the mood for!

Refer Friends and Earn $100

Models can refer their model friends and if they are approved and earn at least $100, you will be rewarded with $100 bonus! There is an alternative referral system only available by request which is 5% of the models revenue for their first year but this must be requested by emailing SextPanther support and asking for this to be enabled. If you opt for this option, you won’t be able to revert to the $100 per sign up program.

Start Sexting and Earning More from your Fanbase

Does SextPanther have the features you’re looking for? Then signup for SextPanther today! Once you complete the approval process you’ll be able to earn money with phone calls, sexts, and video calls with your fans.

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