Make Money Selling Cock Ratings

Offering dick ratings as a model/performer can be a good way to make income from receiving dick pics from customers that are interested in your opinion on their genitals. This is a very common practice in the indie adult industry, and is a good way to make income outside of camming and clip production. Dick ratings are usually done on a number scale although that is not always necessary, and include a model giving feedback or sometimes criticism on dick photos or videos that are provided to them by a customer.

What Kind of Dick Ratings Should I Offer?

Dick ratings can be offered as text or video, and for certain requests you could even suggest that customers get a custom video. Many models offer a set price for their dick rating as either a text response or a video response, and they accept the photo or video to reference after the purchase is made. Some models are nervous that they may offend customers or that they don’t offer the feedback that their client is looking for, since some customers may be into humiliation and some may not be, it can be difficulty territory.

To avoid this, offering different custom store items or tip options for custom dick ratings can be beneficial. Having multiple dick rating packages, for example: SPH Dick Rating, Honest Dick Rating, Regular Dick Rating, etc. can help to avoid potential disappointment on the customer end. It can also help to put in the description that the customer should let you know when purchasing the item that they are interested in SPH, regular dick ratings, honest dick ratings, or whatever they are looking for from their purchase.

How Much Should I Charge For Dick Ratings?

Since dick ratings are fairly easy to do and usually only a few sentences long or a short video, the average price usually ranges anywhere from $5-$25. Depending on if it’s text or video, this price can increase. You should also take into account your current filming load if you do offer dick rating videos, as it may be profitable to only offer text only if you don’t have much free time in your schedule to film dick ratings. If you find that dick ratings aren’t for you, you can also simply charge to receive dick pics with no rating response.

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