Tips For Brand New OnlyFans Accounts

OnlyFans is a fan club platform that is essentially the “Patreon of Porn Stars.” It combines the best parts of offering fan club subscriptions, including handling monthly rebills, setting up promotional sales, and providing an easy to use interface for the model and the consumer while also combining that with a “social media” aspect very similar to Twitter.


OnlyFans: The Premium Social Media Site

Due to the “social media” nature of the site, OnlyFans is becoming a popular choice with many models and members, especially in the wake of both Snapchat and Twitter cracking down on adult content. It’s preferable to members because similarly to Twitter, it shows every model the member subscribes to in a timeline. So rather than having to access a specific website and view only your content they are able to subscribe and view your content as well as many other models. This is the preferred way of viewing for many OnlyFans members (which explains the popularity of Snapchat before the purging of adult content began).


OnlyFans Explosion In Popularity

As more models began using OnlyFans, especially within the past 2 years, the pool of models that could be subscribed to became much larger. This resulted in many customers signing up and becoming regular users of the site. The mobile optimization of OnlyFans being very “app like”, while not being an app, is also very convenient for members and models alike. With the newest surge of OnlyFans love and customers wanting their favorite models to sign up, you may be asking yourself if it’s worth your time and how to go about it in a way to maximize your income. We’ve got some tips for you to improve your OnlyFans experience and make it as profitable as possible.


Maximize Your Income on OnlyFans by Starting Off Right

When you begin using OnlyFans, you’ll want to have a bit of “cushion content”, which is content already uploaded before you start promoting. This is so that your first subscribers will have a decent amount of content so consume, while you continue to actively build your OnlyFans content up. Posting a few photosets, a full length video, or a collection of shorter videos will give customers the incentive to sign up immediately. Any new content uploaded will compliment the original cushion content.


Cushion Content Makes For Better Launches

Having this content will also give you something to promote for your “initial launch”. For example, if you post a full length video you can post a photo from the video to social, and promote getting access to the full video by joining. You can also do a promotion for your first X-amount of subscriptions and directly message them photos or videos for joining, which will help to encourage people to sign up faster.


Schedule Postings To Keep An Active Feed

One of the most convenient features about OnlyFans is the ability to queue content, if you’re already an active cam model or clip producer, this should be no problem! Odds are, you’ll probably have a great deal of content piled up. If you are newer to the industry, you may want to take a few photosets. You can queue up one photo from those photosets every day to keep your timeline consistent and active. Even one photo a day will usually be incentive enough for members to stay subscribed to you, as long as your subscription cost is not outrageous.


Running Discounts or Free Trials During OnlyFans Launch

OnlyFans has a great platform for running discounts and sales. This can be very valuable during the official launch. Discounts incentivize your fans and followers to signup before the sale ends. With OnlyFans, it’s possible to make the discount run for x-amount of days, or for x-amount of subscribers. Using either of these creates a sense of urgency. If you run it for x-amount of subscribers, you’ll have that many subscribers by the time discount duration ends.

You can also try utilizing Free Trials to capture conversions on OnlyFans.


How To Price OnlyFans Subscriptions

The sweet spot for subscriptions tends to be anywhere from $7.99-$14.99 depending on the frequency of content that you post, the quality of it, the length of it, and what it includes. If you post more photos than videos you may be more successful offering a lower monthly price and utilizing the pay to view messaging feature to send out videos.


Using OnlyFans Pay-Per-View Messages

OnlyFans has an amazing pay to view feature that works through a messaging system. This feature allows you to individually message members, select all of your subscribers, or select subscribers who have subscribed in the last 24 hours. All of these features work great for promoting content, keeping in touch with your subscribers, and creating a pretty generous profit. Many models have turned the pay to view feature into its own steady form of income by offering extended video endings to content that they’ve posted to the timeline, sending “finished photos” after a video posted to the timeline (i.e. a cumshot, in the shower after a video) or even just using the service to send a sext with a nude attached. Whatever you decide to use it for it is a great way to make a little extra income on top of the monthly subscription price.


Using A Tip Menu On OnlyFans

Creating an OnlyFans tip menu is a great way to generate some income on top of the monthly subscription price as well. Many models offer a tip menu which includes things like full length videos, custom photos or custom photosets, custom short videos, or tipping for an “action” like a short twerking or spanking video. Having an “on demand” tip menu helps make your OnlyFans profile more interactive and makes it so your customers feel more connected with you. You can even choose to have the option to post it to the timeline OR keep it exclusive for an additional price.


Using Subscriber Goals To Drive Signups

Another great way to encourage people to consistently join your OnlyFans is to create subscriber goals. When you reach a certain number of subscribers you will do a specific thing to “reward” your followers. This encourages current subscribers to stay subscribed and encourages your followers on social media or customers on other sites to join to contribute to the number of subscribers you have. When first starting out, having smaller goals to reach will help encourage people to join more frequently. These goals (and the incentives for reaching them) can gradually get larger as your subscriber count grows. Since you’ll be making more money and it will make more sense to offer larger incentives.


Create a Sense of Urgency to Drive Signups with Disappearing Content

OnlyFans features a timer that allows you to set content to expire, encourage quick signups from potential customers by offering eye catching content for a limited amount of time. Doing so will keep customers interested in staying subscribed so they do not miss out on limited time content and it will inspire more sign ups during the limited release period.


Promote your Fan Club in the Right Places

Since OnlyFans does not have internal traffic you will need to promote your fan club in the right places in order to get subscribers. OnlyFans models that already have an active fanbase or market in areas where adult content is sought after will have better success and income on OnlyFans.

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