2 questions to ask yourself following the Onlyfans porn ban fiasco

Following the Onlyfans porn ban – and its quick reversal – many adult creators are feeling lost and uncertain. Not only did the initial ban on explicit content seem to come out of nowhere, but just when performers were beginning to regroup and plan new routes forward, the surprise reversal of the ban shook everything up again. Now, several days later, things are starting to settle down, but many creators whose only income was Onlyfans are still rattled. If you primarily or even exclusively relied on Onlyfans income, it’s time to ask yourself 2 important questions.

Do you want to stay on Onlyfans?

Just as many creators are abandoning the platform, shaken by the cavalier way they were treated, many are choosing to stay on the site they have worked so hard to build a following on. There is no right answer to this question, and each performer has to answer the question for themselves. If you want to continue having an adult fanclub, there are many Onlyfans alternatives – both newly created and those who have been around for a while – vying for your business.

What platform will you choose to diversify with?

Even if you ultimately decide to stay on Onlyfans – or if you move to another adult fanclub platform – you need to make sure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Sites can change the rules or go out of business altogether at any time, and if 100% of your income is from one site you could be left with no money coming in. You don’t have to do everything all at once – choose 1 secondary platform based on your fanclub strengths!

If you do a lot of sexting, or send audio messages…try phone sex and sexting sites.
Yes, phone sex is still around, and with the addition of sexting it’s more profitable than ever! Niteflirt is the industry leader in phone sex, and it offers an online texting platform that does the basics for texting. SextPanther has a robust sexting platform that can be used online or as regular text and multimedia messages, phone sex features, and handy built-in promotional tools to help increase your traffic.

If you love going live or doing video calls…try camming.
The obvious choice for models who love livestreaming on Onlyfans is to include a live cam site in their repertoire. Most of the big box cam sites have built-in traffic, and many offer a special boost for new models to make starting out even easier. For earning tips in a public show, we recommend Chaturbate hands-down. If you like doing one-on-one video calls, consider becoming a Skype cam model using the SkyPrivate platform to get simple per-minute billing taken care of.

If you send a lot of PTV videos…try clips.
If you’ve already got the content, why not monetize it in a different way? Adding just one clip site to your portfolio will give you an increase in earnings, but since you already have a description written for one site, cross-posting to multiple sites shouldn’t take much more time. We suggest Clips4Sale, Manyvids, and IWantClips as our top 3 clip sites.

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