ManyVids Tips For New MV Stars

Camgirl, clip producer and MV Star Aerie gives some tips on how to be the most successful ManyVids model possible. This video tutorial was designed for ManyVids newbies, but experienced performers can also gain some insight from these tips and suggestions.


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ManyVids / Twitter Integration:

ManyVids offers Twitter integration and automation. Warning for everyone interest in this: ManyVids Twitter integration may cause shadow bans. A “Shadow Ban” is where an account on a social media site is not banned, but no longer appears in search results and other sections of the site. If you’re tweets are no longer appearing in peoples feeds and your account doesn’t appear in search, it makes it very difficult to promote via social media.

That being said, the Twitter integration can drive traffic. This is especially important for newer MV Stars, as they might not already have much of a fan-base or customer-base, especially on ManyVids. Therefore, any traffic that can be driven to the site, helps a lot!

An alternative to automation is using tools to schedule tweets. This way. you can queue up a bunch of scheduled tweets all at once, and then not have to worry about them. Scheduled tweets aren’t as spammy as automated tweets, and have a way lower chance of getting you shadow banned. Tweetdeck is a great tool (and it’s free!), but there’s tons of tools out there to choose from.


Uploading Videos: Titles and Descriptions

Everyone loves a catchy title, but as a newer ManyVids model, you’re going to have to be more explicit and descriptive with your titling and descriptions. Once you’ve built up a solid customer-base, and people know you’ve got good content, you’ll be able to get a lot more artistic with your titles. Also remember that ManyVids looks at titles when determining how clips show up in search. Having keywords in titles helps with that! We cover more of how ManyVids search works further down.

Title Hack: If you put “Pussy” in the title, it attracts customers like flies. Something about that word grabs their attention and makes them want to click. But by any means, be vulgar in the title. Especially if you’re uploading hardcore content.

Descriptions: It’s best to fully explain what the scene is about. This is mainly so that the customers know exactly what they’re getting. Many customers want to know what the clips about, and by having a detailed description, they know what they’re getting and won’t be disappointed. Disappointed customers lead to bad reviews, which is something you definitely don’t want.

Tag Section In Description: Because ManyVids looks at the description when deciding how to make content appear in search, it’s a good idea to add a tag section to the description. If creating a tag section, be sure to list anything that could be an applicable tag. Get creative and try to add as many of them as possible. It’s possible to keep a text document full of tags that describe physical attributes, such as; hair color, bust, eye color, piercings, tattoos, the list goes on. That way you can simply copy/paste those tags into the description.


How To Deal With Bad Reviews

If someone leaves you a bad review, you can usually message ManyVids about it, and they might take it off for you. Another thing you can do is message the person who left you a bad review.

A lot of times members don’t realize that the rating system is geared against a model’s success. If they leave a 3-4 star review, usually they’re not trying to be a dick, but the video didn’t blow their mind or anything like that. If you let them know that anything under a 5-star review makes the video lose popularity and appear not attractive, they’ll sometimes go in and change it.

You can also delete a clip and re-upload it. This sucks, because you’ll lose all the ratings on it, but if a bad rating is the only rating, a lot of times doing this can make a lot of sense. Having a high rating makes the clips look a lot more appealing to potential customers.


ManyVids Category Tips

When uploading a clip, ManyVids allows you to select up to five categories. This is very important, because having good categories will make it easier for potential customers to find you. Make sure to use all the categories, and use the best categories. Don’t get stressed if there’s more than five categories that the clip can fit into. Just because a clip isn’t in a specific category, doesn’t mean you can’t reach the audience looking for that particular fetish. A lot more comes into play than just categories when it comes to searches and being discovered.

Category Pro-Tip: If you’re passable as a teen (even if you’re older), take advantage of that. The teen category performs insanely well. By any means, playing younger generally works to your advantage. Especially on the vanilla sites like ManyVids.


How To Price Your Videos On ManyVids

There is no wrong way to set your price on ManyVids. The “Pricing Standard” across ManyVids that appears to get the most success seems to be $1 per minute, plus an additional dollar. Also take into consideration that videos tend to be between seven and ten minutes. Also, go with a .99 at the end, instead of rounding up to the next dollar. This just makes the price a lot more appealing.


Intensity Of Content

ManyVids has a feature where you’re able to indicate the intensity of the video. Some people aren’t looking for real hardcore content, so indicating the intensity helps them know whether or not it’s something that they’d be interested in. This is another reason why it’s good to have a very detailed description. This lets the customer know what they’re getting into, and if the clip is something that they’re comfortable with.


Appearing In ManyVids Search

In order to appear in ManyVids search, you must have the New Cummer Badge. That’s very important. ManyVids looks at categories, titles and descriptions. So being very descriptive and keyword rich in all of these helps a lot. The New Cummer Badge is explained more in detail, further below. ManyVids has what they call “MV Score”. This factors in a lot of different things that impact placement. Here’s what affects your MV Score:

  • Uploading 10 or more vids (75 points)
  • Offering services (Phone, Texting, Customs, Fund Me) (25 points each)
  • Setting up a membership (100 points)
  • Uploading 10 or more store items (125 points)
  • Uploading 7 or more gallery photos (75 points)
  • Linking your Twitter (75 points)
  • Filling out your ‘About Me’ section (75 points)

And here are the MV Score factors that get re-calculated every 45 days:

  • Maintaining a steady upload of vids and pictures
  • Maintaining a steady upload of store items
  • Getting hearts on your profile
  • Sales of your vids, services, & items
  • Offering a membership option
  • Getting reviews from members
  • And your overall site activity


Watermarking Your Content

It’s always a good idea to watermark your content. There’s a lot of advantages to watermarking. This ranges from marketing to fighting piracy. When your content is watermarked, if it’s uploaded to a site you don’t want it uploaded to, it’s easier to prove that it’s yours. This makes getting that stolen content removed, that much easier.


Model Attributes

The model attributes allows you to give general information about you. Certain people shop around based on their “type” of girl (or boy). By indicating all the information about you in the model attributes area, you’ll make it easier for potential customers to find you when browsing around based on model attributes.


New Cummer Badge

You’ll definitely want to get your New Cummer Badge. Becoming a New Cummer will get you featured in the New Cummer area. It’s also the requirements for your account to go active and be discovered in searches and other sections of the site. The requirements are really simple, and something that all MV Stars should do anyway, to attract potential customers. Here are the requirements:

  • A profile pic
  • A minimum of 3 vids
  • A minimum of 5 pics


ManyVids Membership Option

The membership option is great, as it creates a whole new revenue stream. When uploading a new clip, you’re able to indicate whether or not you want that video included in the membership or not. A lot of people will join the membership to get a reduced price on the videos. Keep that in mind when pricing out your membership options. The more content you’ve got, and the more you plan to release, the more valuable your membership is, and the higher it can be priced.


Scheduling Video Releases

ManyVids comes with a handy scheduling feature. This is insanely convenient. A lot of models will produce videos in batches. There’s an advantage to not releasing all these videos at the same time. That is because all your new videos will be featured on the homepage. By dripping them out over time, you’ll get steady exposure, instead of spamming the homepage all at once.


Stream Only Option

ManyVids has a stream only option. When this is set, the videos will only be able to be played on ManyVids, and the customers won’t be able to download the clips. This was designed to help fight piracy. It’s a double-sided sword though. A lot of customers will only buy downloadable clips, so you might lose out on some sales with stream only. If you’re not going to make your clips downloadable, it’s suggested that you indicate this in the video description. This way, you won’t get disappointed customers and bad reviews.


ManyVids Is Community-Driven

ManyVids is very much community-driven, and interacting with the fans, customers and models is a huge part of the site. They’ve got a wall, hearts features, messaging, an active blog with commenting, and the list goes on. A lot of models don’t put enough time into this aspect of the site. If you’re familiar with token camming sites, such as Chaturbate or MyFreeCams, you’ll probably have a good understanding of how ManyVids works.

Customers will commonly reach out to you and ask about things before making purchases. Being aware of this, and highly responsive will drastically help with your sales and getting new customers. People like to see that models are responsive and active, and interacting with their favorite stars adds a whole new interactive element that a lot of customers enjoy.


Editing Your Own Video Previews

ManyVids comes with a built-in preview generator. It’s suggested that you design your own video previews. The preview builder will only capture one moment, while custom-made previews will give potential customers a better idea of what the entire clip is about. You can also control how long the video preview is (give away more or give away less). You should also be taking screen-caps and uploading your own custom thumbnails. That way it’s a good preview that’s not blurred.


Utilize The Picture Tool

If you use the picture tool, you’re able to tag your photos. This helps ManyVids find photos to use for the MV Blog. The MV Blog gets a lot of traffic, and if you’re featured on one of their blog posts, your profile and content will appear on the sidebar of the site. This is great exposure. They also tag the models in the tweets about the blog posts, gaining social media exposure, as well.


Freebie Tuesdays

ManyVids has a feature called freebie Tuesdays. To participate in Freebie Tuesdays, simply contact Pamela to get added. Freebie Tuesdays is where models offer up a clip for free for the day. It helps draw a lot of traffic to your page. The Freebie Tuesdays banner appears across the entire site. And who’s going to turn down a free clip? Needless to say, this feature can get you a lot of attention.


Getting Featured In The MV Mag

Each month, ManyVids releases the MV Mag. The MV Mag is a free digital publication that can get models a lot of publicity. If you’ve got professional grade photo-shoots (must be entire shoots, not a random collection of photos), you can submit it to ManyVids for a chance to be featured in the mag. ManyVids also makes it a point to feature New Cummers, so newer models might actually have a better chance than those who’s New Cummer Badge has already expired.


Competing In Contests

ManyVids holds frequent contests. Their Winning Wednesdays series happens almost every week. Only time they don’t throw it is when there’s a much larger contest going on. Occasionally, there will be multiple contests running at the same time. Competing is contests gain you exposure. This is from the contest page. The best part: you get paid just for competing! MV Stars get a percentage of all the paid votes that fans cast for you. You get this income, even if you don’t place in the actual contest. Therefore, it’s increased exposure, as well as additional income.



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