Hot on the Heels of OnlyFans Banning Pornography, JustForFans Offers Higher Payout

Fanclub platform JustForFans is a performer owned platform created by Dominic Ford that focuses on providing a feature rich platform for adult entertainers. The site totes itself as being created by performers for performers and features an array of helpful tools that were always lacking on other platforms like OnlyFans. JustForFans is well known within the adult industry as being a reliable platform with expansive features and great customer service.

Upon hearing news that OnlyFans was turning away pornography, the owner of JustForFans took this change to heart and released the following statement: “The adult industry is sadly used to companies cutting their teeth on the adult market and then abandoning them once they reach critical mass. JustForFans was founded and built by and for sex workers and people who have been in the porn industry for many, many years. We are a porn site. That will never change and we have no interest in “mainstreaming.” JustForFans is number two in traffic to OnlyFans, and we are well poised to make sure adult content creators are not abandoned. We welcome them all to our website. We believe we have the most innovative platform out there, and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our community. We welcome everyone to check us out.”

In addition to this heartfelt statement JustForFans put their money where their mouth is to support creators that will suffer financial losses due to the pornography ban on OnlyFans and updated their payment percentage to match that of OnlyFans. Previously, the payout percentage was lower to account for the multitude of features on the platform but Ford recognized the need for higher payout within the community and upgraded servers to accommodate all new creators and increased the payout to allow them an adult friendly space to call home.

JustForFans ready to accommodate new creators on platform

JustForFans has remained vigilant in reporting on server upgrades which are now complete and the site is now ready to host more creators without the fear of downtime. The JustForFans team is always very supportive and responsive and is willing to work with performers hands on to provide the best experience. In addition, you can utilize the tool “BackupFans” in order to transfer your content easily from OnlyFans to JustForFans.


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