Meet IGF Studios: Woman Owned and Operated Virtual Webcam Studio

IGF Studios was founded by adult industry veteran Lydia Love and centers around her experience in the adult webcam vertical which allowed her to achieve financial and social success. Lydia Love created IGF Studios with one simple idea, “I want to prevent models from making the same mistakes I made in my early career and give them the knowledge I did not have access to.” With this motivation in mind Lydia created a strong team of people including Aerie Saunders of Webcam Startup as a manager and mentor and generated many resources and tools to create a positive and uplifting environment for new or seasoned webcam models. Becoming a webcam model full time can be a prosperous and fulfilling career option no matter what walk of life you come from and IGF Studios was curated to provide every performer and potential model with the opportunity to transition from a cam novice to a cam star! 

What is the goal of IGF Studios? 

IGF Studios is looking for models that are dedicated to their success. You will be the perfect match for IGF Studios if you are goal and solution oriented; they will provide you with tools and resources to allow you to thrive in the webcam industry if you are willing to put in the time to become a star! Their goal is to be more than just a basic webcam studio, they want to be the foundation that provides models with a community and education to achieve anything they want to accomplish.

Why did Lydia Love create IGF Studios? 

Lydia Love has been an active webcam model in the adult industry since April of 2016 and has tried multiple webcam sites throughout her exciting and successful career. What most people don’t know about Lydia is that her carefully curated career has not always been sunshine and rainbows; she worked hard for many years to create a brand name for herself that is recognizable and profitable and overcame mistakes caused by the lack of knowledge that is accessible to new models in the adult industry. IGF Studios is a passion project of an experienced cam model that knows how hard it can be getting started with no resources, no answers, and no guidance. Lydia Love wants to provide IGF Studios with the confidence to be themselves, the education to avoid common beginner mistakes, and the mindset to work towards financial independence and freedom.

What camming websites are available to work on with IGF Studios?

IGF Studios currently provides their studio services for models looking to sign up with Streamate or CamSoda. They have plans to expand to more websites in the future but for now their main focus is webcam sites.

What does IGF Studios provide?

  • Brand Image Consulting – IGF will provide you with assistance in creating a memorable brand that will attract fans
  • Specialized Training – the team at IGF has experience in the webcam industry so they can provide a different kind of specialized training which shares their personal experiences in the industry in the form of training videos, one-on-one meetings, group meetings, and more
  • Verified Community Chat – IGF understands that working from home can be isolating, if you’re looking for a community to chat with then look no further than the community offered by IGF
  • Contests and Incentives – the team at IGF prepares opportunities for models to earn more money in studio contests
  • Prioritized Support – the team at IGF has direct connections with the websites that they work with and can provide an increased speed in the support you receive for website issues, tech issues, etc.

How much does IGF Studios charge to join?

There is no upfront cost to become a member of IGF Studios; you’ll have to fill out an application and wait for a response. If you are approved to become an IGF Studios model then you will automatically have 5% of your earnings deducted which will go to the studio.

  • Streamate payout with IGF Studios: 30% (70% on members that you bring to the platform)
  • CamSoda payout with IGF Studios: 45%

Ready to sign up? Studios can help hold you accountable, provide insight to brand new models, and help you grow your career if you are struggling alone. Apply to become an IGF Studios model!

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