How To Get More Customers Purchasing Custom Content Requests

Do you ever feel like every other cam girl or clip maker is getting custom video requests? Do you want to make more custom videos and you’re not sure what’s stopping people? Being a custom queen boils down to a few things. Since I juggle a new custom every 2-3 days I’m going to let you in on the secrets of my ways.


Consider Offering Two Options: Exclusive and Non-Exclusive (Resold Content)

The biggest reason I have the ability to make so many customs is because I offer two different options; one being significantly cheaper than the other. A custom video in which they write the script but I can re-sell the video (so their script can’t include their name or “personal details”) and make an additional profit from it. This option costs them $5 per minute of video.

Some of my best sellers have been “custom directed” because typically one guy will share a similar fantasy to what the other guy ordered, so it works! Customers even get off to the idea of being a “director” for something you will sell again and make more profit on.

Then for the “personal customs” I charge $10 a minute (my profit, so the pricing for ordering a custom on sites that take a percentage show that difference.). This is for content with names and personal details and weird stuff you wouldn’t want to re-sell or you know wouldn’t really have a resale value. Having different options in pricing like that to “better the deal” for the customers by showing them the price difference can hype them up and make them think they’re getting a good deal. It also helps build your video collection when people get the cheaper option.


Faster Production Time = More Custom Content Sales

Delivery time is another key part of custom production. A lot of girls tend to have a month of waiting time for someone to receive their custom. While that is understandable and life can be hectic, the shorter the waiting time, the more likely a guy will buy it. My waiting time (when I’m not on my period) is a week and if anything might cause the wait-time to be longer, I make sure to notify the customer before the purchase.

I put customs before camming because it is guaranteed money. I typically get my customs filmed within 2 days after the buyer purchases it, then edited and sent out on the 3rd day. Following a strict production system keeps the buyer satisfied and impressed.


Express Enthusiasm When Delivering The Content and Ask For Feedback

Expressing satisfaction with the video upon delivery and being enthusiastic about the buyers reaction will make a happy client. Also showing enthusiasm towards returning customers helps. When delivering the video, make sure you express how fun it was to make, and how you hope they’ll provide you with feedback. By doing so, they’ll feel at ease coming back to you with more ideas, because they’ll see you as someone who is flexible as opposed to someone who provides a service without interest in the perceived quality. If they reach out to you after watching it with how they enjoyed it make sure to pump them up and let them know you’d love to work with them again.

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