Make Money As A Gamer Girl

Now more than ever, Gaming and “Gamer Girls” have become a huge topic within the mainstream eye, and this has carried over into the camming and clip creating industry. Being a “Gamer Girl” can help attract customers to you who also have an interest in video games, since video games have progressed to a level where most of them have cult followings now. It can be a tool used for bonding between customers and models and can also provide a new and exciting way to communicate with your fan base by playing the games that they love with them.


Make Money As A Gamer Girl

So what does it take to be a “Gamer Girl?” A lot of people assume that you have to play many games and be experienced in all of them in order to market yourself as a gamer, but all it really takes is being decent at one game. If you find customers who love the same game that you have some experience playing, then you are able to profit off of the “Gamer Girl” stereotype. In order to profit off of it, you can make videos playing the game to sell to the customers interested in you and the game, you can do live cam streams where you play the game which can be nude or non-nude, or you can sell your gamertag or handles to customers so that they can play with you. There are many ways to turn one single game that you love into a profitable experience that is also enjoyable, because who wouldn’t want to play games while working?


How Big Is The Gamer Girl Market?

Is the market for “Gamer Girls” as large as people think it is? Yes! With mainstream gaming sites like Twitch and Mixer becoming staples in the gaming community, the desire for people to simply watch people that they like play video games is becoming a regular and normal thing to participate in. These same people have started to amass large followings on popular video streaming sites like YouTube as well, with some of the most common themes being “Let’s Play” where you simply watch the person play a game and they either appear on screen or you only hear their voice while they talk about the game/guide you through it. It’s no surprise that due to the desire for this new kind of entertainment, it has also gotten a foothold within the adult industry and combining the best of 3 things: video games, entertainment, and sexual gratification, is sure to attract an audience.


Backlash Gamer Girls Receive

The backlash over self identifying as a “Gamer Girl” is something that can often deter cam models from wanting to participate in the stereotype and the market that comes with it. A common trend you can pick up on when you see discussions happening about the popular gaming site Twitch is that “titty streamers” have no place in the gaming community. The common thought behind this is that: “tits and being sexual have no place in video games.” The site has even begun to implement harsher rules against women who show cleavage while playing, and are known to suspend or ban accounts of women who are sex workers even if they have not connected their Twitch accounts to their sex work accounts in any way.


How To Monetize Adult Gaming / Streaming

Due to the extremities that Twitch goes to in an effort to alienate sex workers and keep them off of their platform, the best way to monetize gaming is through actual camming sites and incorporate the gaming there. You won’t risk being banned as long as you confirm through your cam site that the method of gaming you intend to do does not infringe on any of their rules.

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