2 things you should do to promote every Manyvids video you post

Manyvids promotion can seem complicated! From the MV Score to all of the manual work you can do with re-MVing and responding to messages, it often seems like a never-ending chore – or like a full-time job in itself! If you’ve been overwhelmed just thinking about promoting your content on Manyvids, I’m here to help. Here are 2 simple things you can do to promote each video you post on Manyvids that are a huge improvement over doing nothing.

Post to your “Free FanClub” feed

If you pre-schedule your videos, there is no auto-post to the FreeFanClub feed, which is a huge missed promotional opportunity. Even when you do get an auto-post, it will almost always get lower views than a post you create yourself. Write a short blurb about the video, include the direct link, and then post a GIF or preview video in your Free FanClub feed as often as possible. I promote my newest video almost daily on my feed, right up until my next video releases. Even if this means back-to-back posts about the same content, I do it anyway because it shows up in my followers’ feeds with stuff in between so it doesn’t look spammy.

Send out an MV Flyer

With the MV Flyer landing in a separate inbox for members, some people have said it’s not worth it to use them. All I know is that my sales went up when I started sending out MV Flyers for each new video I release, so make of that what you will. I send out a short blurb about the video (sometimes I even copy the entire description) with the direct link to the video, and I attach the preview clip to the Flyer as well. I only send 1 of these per video.

And that’s it! Manyvids promotion doesn’t have to be any more complicated than these 2 things each time you post a video.

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