Cock and Ball Torture (CBT) Fetish Clips and Shows

Camgirl / clip producer Aerie gives some tips and advise on how to do the “CBT” (Cock and Ball Torture) camming shows and clips. CBT can be a very fun fetish. Who doesn’t want to give customers instructions on how to torture their dick?


What Is “Cock and Ball Torture” (CBT)?

The Cock and Ball Torture Fetish (CBT) is where the customer gets sexual arousal from the pain they (or someone else) inflicts onto their dick and balls. There’s many different ways to inflict the pain.


Check the TOS / Policies Of Your Camming / Clip Sites

When doing CBT, it’s important to make sure that the content / type of shows is allowed by your camming or clip site. Some sites don’t allow for this type of fetish (or anything else that results in physical harm). You don’t want to get your account suspended / banned.


Items That Can Be Used For CBT Shows

When doing CBT shows, there’s items that you can have your sub / customer acquire to aid in the shows. Special Chasity cases that have spikes in them, ropes, paddles, tape, anything that can be used to strike or hit their dick or balls, candle wax and tons of other things can be used for these type of clips or shows.


Make Sure CBT Doesn’t Turn Into Self-Mutilation!

You’re going to want to make sure that your CBT camming shows and clips only relate to surface pain and do not draw blood. That gets into self mutilation and is something no sites will support.

You also want to make sure not to push it past the limits. Pushing a customer too far could result in serious injury. It’s worth putting a disclaimer on the clip that they should not push themselves past their limit.

This is especially important for loyal subs that might push them past their limits in order to please their dommes. Giving them instructions not to go too far gives them permission to not injure themselves out of loyalty.


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