Promoting Your Services With Social Media and Other Free Sites

Free marketing is the best form of marketing for sex workers, but also something that sex workers (cam models primarily) seem to fear. Free marketing is as follows: social media (usually Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat), either ran by yourself or by what is commonly referred to as a “promoter”, which is someone who runs an account specifically targeting your field of work and “free” video hosting sites (Pornhub, YouPorn) or paid sites with free previews (ManyVids, Clips4Sale).

Twitter: The Sex-Worker Friendly Social Media Outlet

We currently live in a technology-driven generation so you can guess why social media plays such an important role in free marketing. Twitter seems to be the trendy sex-worker friendly social outlet that allows nudity, porn clips, and pretty much anything as long as it isn’t extremely taboo or openly posted in the profile or header photo. It’s a great form of free marketing because it is a direct line to your (followers) fans.

Instagram and TopDolls (The NSFW Instagram Alternative!)

Another important social media source is Instagram, which allows the user to share photos with captions directly to their following. There is a downfall to Instagram specifically related to sex work which is it is a non-nude app.

Snapchat: Marketing + Money From Premium Subscriptions

Yet another important social media source for marketing is Snapchat. Although Snapchat does not allow the sale of their services, or nudity, many sex workers have “loopholed” this by only offering nude Snapchat to paying or “premium” members. Why would someone report something they paid for, you know? Don’t let the premium Snapchat idea completely encompass your life though, because it is just as important to run a free one.

Every sex worker cringes at the word free, but they shouldn’t. I recently just made the leap into running a free and paid Snapchat and my paid Snapchat sales have increased from about one purchase a week to between five and ten a week. The key to your free Snapchat is incentive, do not give away ANYTHING that’s worth paying for. Free Snapchats are great for promoting sales, posting cute selfies, posting censored images to entice the viewer, and for keeping in contact with customers who are “testing the waters.”

Money and Traffic From “Free” Tube Sites

Next I will tackle the “free” tube sites. Notice how I put free in quotation marks? Well that is because if the clip creator actually creates an account and uploads the content themselves they can sign up for a program run by PornHub and YouPorn called the Amateur Program which is a paid program which pays for views and advertisements run on the videos you upload.

So while the viewer gets the “free” content (which if you watermark with your website or social media can actually become a paying customer) you are also making money and showing good examples of the quality of your content to a new pool of viewers. Side note: if someone uploads your content without your permission on tube sites, you can get it taken down. Do not blame the sites themselves for people on the internet who steal your material, these sites are building their business just like many of us are.

Free previews on clip sites are also important. This is what entices viewers to actually buy the content! My biggest suggestion is to ALWAYS watermark your content, so even if your free videos are stolen they will still direct the traffic back to you (more free marketing) and it’ll be easier to get taken down in the future!

Don’t Knock Free Marketing! It’s Worth The Effort!

Don’t knock free marketing! You may sometimes feel like it is exhausting and takes a lot of effort, which is a great time to take a break from it because those customers are non-paying! I hope this gives you a little insight into better ways to market your material!

For more marketing tips, check out the marketing section of this site.

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