A brief introduction to the world of boot fetish

Getting into the world of boot fetish is as easy as putting on a pair! Often rolled into the “shoe fetish”, boot fetish is a subset of clothing item fetishes. Like other clothing fetishes, cam shows are a great place to offer performances for boot fetishists. You can take outfit requests as normal, making it known that you have boots available to be worn for a tip or in private shows. And when you think about boots, don’t leave any out! Leather, knee-high, thigh-high, stiletto, rubber, flats: they all have fans! I started out doing clips wearing flat brown leather boots that I already owned, then branched out into specific boot worship videos using the same pair. I have boots as part of my off-camera wardrobe, and most of my early boot fetish clips just used the casual footwear that I already had. Once I got deeper into boots, I bought some more “fetish-y” pairs to use, but my most popular boot content is still my brown leather boots and my Hunter rain boots!

3 Ways To Do Boot Fetish on Camera

1. Incorporate Boots Into Your Wardrobe
Capitalizing on the interest of boot fetishists can be as simple as wearing boots while doing other things. This is especially true when it comes to regular sex acts where your feet and legs are visible for a large portion of the clip. This can also apply to femdom content where feet and legs are visible, but not the focus of the video. IDEAS: missionary with your legs pulled up to your chest; blow job lying down with legs bent up; goddess worship from a low angle with one foot up on a stool.

2. Boots As Secondary Focus
The boots are in the clip secondary to the fetish that is the main focus, but you draw attention to the boots one or more times. This works well for things like findom, goddess worship, trampling, CBT, leather fetish, and rubber fetish. IDEAS: CBT including kicking; putting on leather boots while wearing leather gloves; trampling a sub while wearing boots; foot fetish that begins wearing boots and slowly removing them.

3. Boots As The Star of the Show
It’s just what it sounds like! Often done in the “Shoe and Boot Worship” category, the boots are central to all of the action in the video. It can be done with a femdom twist, or on a more neutral energy level. IDEAS: rubber boots splashing through puddles and mud; putting on and modelling one or more pairs of boots; femdom boot worship.


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