Different Streamate Referral Programs by Katy Churchill

You want to promote other models on Streamate, but don’t want to go through CamBuilder and the hassle of creating a white label. You can just use your Cammodels link, right? YOU.cammodels.com/cam/OTHER_MODEL, easy peasy. Wrong! This advice has been circulating on model forums for years, but after contacting Streamate, I learned the truth:

using your cammodels link that way would credit any signups and spending to the other model, not to you. Looks like you’re headed for white label land, then, right? Wrong again! Streamate has a little-known affiliate program that allows you to create links to specific models, as well as other SM pages, through a program called SexTracker / MoneyTree.


Information On SexTracker / MoneyTree

MoneyTree operates a fairly standard affiliate marketing program for Streamate. Affiliate marketing involves a merchant (in this case Streamate) paying a commission to other online entities (affiliates) for referring new members to Streamate’s website.

Affiliate marketing is performance-based, which means affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a specified action. In the case of Money Tree, you get paid for the following actions:

  • Pay Per Join Earn $35-40 per member sign up that adds a credit card. You can only get paid for a member once, so you cannot combine pay per join and rev share on one member, though you can participate in both programs at once.
  • Rev Share Earn 30% lifetime on the new members you refer to Streamate.
  • Webmaster Referral Earn 1-10% of earnings paid to affiliates you refer to SexTracker MoneyTree. Earnings depend on the programs used by your referred affiliates.


Promoting Yourself: Cammodels vs MoneyTree

I have continued to use my Cammodels link to promote my own chat room signups. Cammodels pays a lifetime revshare on members who sign up through you of 20% of spend on other models, 40% of spend on you (which is in addition to your regular earnings for a session with that member).

For models that cam frequently on SM, it is worth continuing to promote yourself with your Cammodels link to get the additional 10% of anything the member spends on you. For models that do not frequently stream on SM, it may work out better in the long run to use MTree when promoting their own cam room to get the additional 10% of spend on other models.


Promoting Others: MoneyTree Makes More Sense

This is where the true value of the MoneyTree program is. Cammodels allows you to promote your own chat room to sign up new members, but MoneyTree allows you to direct members to the chat rooms of other models to leverage the thousands of other models on the site to generate income for you. You are just 1 person, and not every potential customer will connect with you. Across all of Streamate’s sites (MoneyTree covers Streamen and TSmate as well), there are thousands of models to attract and convert your traffic.


Ideas For Promoting Affiliate Links

There are as many ways to use affiliate links as there are affiliates, but here is an incomplete list of ideas to get you started that don’t require starting anything new.

Use #ManCandyMonday, #WomanCrushWednesday, and #FollowFriday to spotlight your favorite models on Twitter.
When you log off cam, post a link to the main page of Streamate or an appropriate category for anyone who misses you to amuse themselves until you are next online.


Being A Respectful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliates have a scummy reputation, and some of it is deserved! When it comes to Streamate, white label and MoneyTree, affiliates have been left in the same grey area, with very little guidance given about what content can and cannot be used. After contacting the Streamate white label provider, I got the following information: models who appear on white label sites while a member is not logged in, have agreed to affiliate promotion.

However, you can still generate links for models who have not agreed to affiliate promotion, which makes it easy to make a mistake. When promoting as an affiliate, think of how you would like to be promoted, and keep these 3 best practices in mind:

Don’t mislead potential members about the purpose of the site: We’ve all had customers in our chat room who were told it was a dating site, they’d get a free video, etc, and it’s not fair to models to pull a bait-and-switch like that.

Do not use paid content to promote a model: This includes tipping in for a Gold Show, recording the show, and then posting it on your site or a tube site with your affiliate link. Many models have a variety of photos available in their free galleries. Use those photos when using images to promote a model. Driving a lot of traffic? Approach models to ask if they would be willing to give you a sexy photo or two for promotional purposes.

Don’t use models who have opted out of affiliate promotion: Go to a white label site (I use Cupcake Cuties Live, because…it’s cute) and browse models that display on the site without logging in to a customer account. Models visible on white labels when a customer is not logged in have geo-block off and have opted in to affiliate promotion.

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