Colorful / Fantasy Toys Like Bad Dragon

If you love brightly-colored and creative fantasy sex toys that are made from high-quality, body-safe materials, then you have definitely heard of Bad Dragon. They built up brand recognition by providing dozens of models with “care packages” filled with their best sellers, and that put their products all over the front page of cam sites and clip sites.


Bad Dragon and Bestiality

Unfortunately, Bad Dragon sells a lot of anatomically correct animal toys, from dog and horse penis dildos to dog mouth and animal vagina/anus male masturbators. A lot of bestiality fantasy videos have arisen from these products, and while clip and cam sites have chosen to ignore this content (since apparently it sells well), not everyone is comfortable with this. I, for one, will not buy from Bad Dragon because of their focus on animal sex products. So if you want unique and different sex toys, but don’t want to support a company profiting from animal-human fucking, where do you shop?


Geeky Sex Toys

If you love the Avengers, Game of Thrones, and all things sci-fi and fantasy, then Geeky Sex Toys is for you. They have the classic dragon cock, of course, but they also have toys themed around Doctor Who, Star Wars, superheroes, and more. Their toys are all made from body-safe silicone, and they carry themed kink accessories like paddles and ballgags, too! Everything they sell is their own design, and unlike anything else on the market.



Funkit Toys “Body Safe Sexperiments”

Funkit Toys is a small independent manufacturer with a heavy focus on creative gender-neutral products. From their very affordable NoFrillDo line made with the same body-safe silicone that other brands charge a premium for to modular toys that can be used in multiple ways and combined to create unique tools for personal pleasure, Funkit is taking toys to another level. A new design drops every month, and customer feedback is always taken into account when they’re working on new toys or redesigning their back catalog.



Tantus Inc. “Good Clean Fun”

As the very pleased owner of several Tantus toys, I can attest to their quality and resilience. I tend to use and abuse my toys–I’m not always the most caring partner to my dildos–but in addition to being colorful and often rather unique (I love my uncut cock!), they are easy to clean and care for. Their dildos with extended handles are perfect for anyone with wrist or flexibility issues, and are fabulous for partner play. Their online shop also carries a wide range of top-notch kinky accessories to cater to your every naughty need.



Vixen Creations “Worth Every Inch” on SheVibe

Most of Vixen Creations’ toys are fairly standard penis-shaped dildos, but where they stand apart is their quality. They use the best materials to create absolutely phenomenal toys that can stand up to the heavy use that camming and clip production requires. And, of course if you want colorful, they have some stunning rainbow-hued dongs that fit in all the right places!

You can find Vixen Creations on SheVibe



Fun Factory “Feel The Fun”

While Fun Factory is known for their fabulously colorful (and delightfully orgasmic) vibrators, they have a great line of dildos, too. Everything they make and sell is top quality, from design to materials to performance. They have also somehow managed to make their anal beads absolutely adorable–they’re just about cute enough to make me reconsider my long-standing hatred of butt beads! Maybe it’s their European origin or maybe it’s their pleasure-first outside-the-box thinking, but Fun Factory just makes sex toys…FUN!

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