6 weeks in, it’s time to re-visit your New Year’s Resolutions

A new year can be a great chance to make a fresh start with your goals for your adult industry business. Choosing one aspect of your business to focus on this year can really help you increase your earnings, build your brand, or achieve another goal related to your work life. The 3 focuses below are meant to be suggestions to get you thinking about your own goals and desires, or you can take one of them and apply it to your life! These are not goals themselves – instead, they are things to focus on and guide you as you set your goals for the year. Didn’t make any resolutions on January 1? Me neither! You can set, update, and change your goals any time of year!


While flexibility is one of the biggest perks of the independent online adult industry, being inconsistent in your habits can really limit your income. Whether it’s committing to camming a certain number of days per week or planning to upload new clips on the same day each time, consistency helps build a group of regulars by letting your fans know when and where they can check you out. Of course, if you have a family, health issues, or other important responsibilities in your life, it can be hard to set a schedule in stone. With that in mind, try to plan ahead for difficult times by scheduling clips in advance, and keep your schedule as consistent as possible in the context of your life. This is a job, and should be treated as one, even if it is tempting to abuse the flexibility sometimes.


With so many different options in this industry (pro shoots, clips, fan clubs, phone sex, camming, custom content, etc.) it can be easy to feel really scattered. Instead, decide on one area to focus your energy on this year, and let the other activities be your “side hustles”. “Focus” is MY focus for the year! For 2022 I’m choosing to focus on camming and phone sex and letting clip sites be my “side hustle”, because I can’t do everything all at once. The goals I have set for 2022 mainly relate to camming, because it is what I have chosen to focus on this year.


2021 and 2020 have been difficult years for a lot of people. Whether it was the ongoing pandemic, the Mastercard changes, the Onlyfans bait-and-switch, or something completely different, 2021 was a hell of a year. Coping with these challenges doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor, and if you are struggling to continue working and living “as usual”, there is help available. Pineapple Support offers free peer listeners, as well as access to a list of sex worker friendly counselors in many states and countries. They also regularly offer free webinars and online support groups targeting a variety of issues relevant to the adult industry and overall mental health.

Whatever goal you choose for 2022, schedule regular check-ins throughout the year to re-focus yourself on your priorities and make sure that you still want the same things as you did at the start of the year. As things change, you may find setting new goals entirely helps keep you on track.

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