Write For Us!

Are you a good writer with adult industry experience? We’ve got paid writing opportunities! Join the Webcam Startup team of contributors, and start turning what you love into an extra revenue stream! Here’s the details.


What We’re Looking For:

Content Expectations: Well-written pieces. While we don’t have a specific word count expectation we hope that you will be comprehensive in everything that you cover, we can send example pieces to you so you have an idea of what we are looking for.

Work At Your Leisure: Our contributors have no quotas or obligations. Submit pieces to us when you want, and however many you want.

Compensation: We pay above the industry standard for article submissions and we are able to pay via most convenient payment applications, email us for details.


Topics We’re Interested In:

Fetish-Specific Content: Are you an expert in a particular fetish? We’re looking for how-to content tailored to specific fetishes. IE; How to do [fetish] camming shows, how to do [fetish] clips, and so-on.

Comprehensive Site Guides and Reviews: Our team tries their best to know everything about every site but unfortunately we can’t cover them all! Are you an expert on one of the sites in our directory? We’d love for you to write a guide for our readers about your favorite site.

How-To’s and Tutorials: Got some tips and tricks that could benefit the performer community? We’re interested in spreading the knowledge!

Pitch Us Your Ideas: If you’ve got a specific content idea, pitch it to us! We’re very receptive to all ideas, especially if it’s catering to an area that we don’t have a lot of content on.

Topics We’re NOT Looking For:

Guest Posts with Outgoing Links: We only cover topics and websites that we feel are beneficial to the community, we do not accept link trades or guest posts from sites or individuals that are not helpful or positive to the adult community.

General “Sex Blogging” Posts: The adult industry and sex blogging are very different, we are not looking for submissions about “how to improve your sex life” or “5 things every anal lover needs.” Sorry!

Attack Pieces: If you would like to submit a piece to us about a website or organization doing something negative in the industry, you will need to back your submission up with multiple verified sources. We will not condone or publish pieces attacking an entity without clear and definitive evidence and sources.


How To Apply:

If you’re interested in applying, simply shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you’ve got any questions, include them in the email and we’ll provide the answers with the follow-up. If we feel like it’s a good fit, we’ll see what the first piece looks like and go from there!