Selling / Advertising Adult Services Using Messaging App: Kik

Kik For Camgirls / Pornstars: Promotion and Monetization Many models would like the ability to “text” with customers, but do not want to bother with phone numbers and the potential

Cam Model Privacy: Prevent Instagram / Facebook From Syncing On Android

Prevent Facebook Friends From Finding You On Instagram Since Facebook bought Instagram, the two services started getting cozy with one another. Instagram suggests to you in the app that you

YNOT Forums Become YNOT Network (Social Media Site)

YNOT Forum Becomes Private Social Network YNOT’s forums have transitioned into a complete social network with a new home: YNOT Network. All the forum content has been implemented, with the

Sharesome: New Private Adult-Friendly Social Media

Sharesome: New Adult-Friendly Social Network Sharesome is a new adult-friendly social network that is geared towards models and studios. Since Sharesome is dedicated to adult, you don’t have to worry

Camgirl Social Media Tips by Empress Mika

Adult Performers and Social Media As an adult performer, we are just like any business owner. The importance of networking on social media is usually drilled into our head as

Camgirls: Instagram Privacy Risks and Concerns

Instagram: Not An Adult-Friendly Social Media Site Ah, Instagram. Instagram is currently a very powerful social media network. Especially now that many companies are paying Instagram users with a large

[SESTA?] Twitter TOS Update: What It Means For Pornstars

Twitter Updates TOS: Stricter On Adult Twitter has updated it’s TOS, and it’s causing a lot of commotion in the adult industry. Many people are assuming this is SESTA-related, due to

CloudFlare Suspends Switter Hosting – A4 Forced To Migrate

CloudFlare Suspends Switter’s Hosting (SESTA) Switter, the sex-worker friendly social media site that was created due to the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA), has had their services suspended by CloudFlare.

Switter: Sex-Worker Friendly Twitter Alternative

Switter: Social Media For Pornstars and Camgirls Switter is a new social media site that launched right around the same time services started banning adult because of SESTA. The goal

Camgirls: How To Get A Twitter Shadow Ban Removed

Twitter: FOSTA, Shadow-Bans, Switter and Adult Advertising There has recently been a lot of commotion in the community in regards to FOSTA/SESTA and how they will impact the ability of