YouPorn/ModelHub Integration: Paid Downloaded Videos On YouPorn


PornHub/ModelHub Now Integrates With YouPorn

MindGeek has announced an exciting new feature for YouPorn. Now, Pornhub / ModelHub models can make money from paid downloads on YouPorn, as well as on Pornhub. With the creation of ModelHub, the new clip store functionality on Pornhub, models were able to start charging for downloadable content. Now, when uploading content that is charged per download, models have the option to charge for downloads on YouPorn as well.


Charge Per Download and Receive Advertising Revshare

With this new feature, there are now two ways that Verified Amateurs can monetize the YouPorn platform. In addition to the newly released ModelHub integration that allows models to charge per download, models also receive a revshare off advertising displayed with their content. This is the same advertising revshare that models receive off of their Pornhub content as well.


YouPorn’s Real Value Is As A Marketing Tool

Although it’s great that YouPorn is offering revenue streams such as advertising revshare and the new per-download fee, the real value is in the promotion it provides. This is the same for Pornhub and any other tube site. Tube sites get tons of traffic and this can result in great exposure for you. Releasing short, watermarked teaser clips is the best way to leverage the platform.

If you’re running a website, the best thing you can do is watermark with your website address. The website itself is a great marketing tool and can even be monetized directly. There’s multiple solutions designed specifically for models that make it easy (and even no-cost) to get your website up and running. If you’re not running a website, it’s still possible to pick up a website name for a very cheap price, and redirect that URL to your clip store or other web property.


More YouPorn Information For Models / Producers

Interested in learning more on how you can make money off YouPorn, as well as how to monetize the tube site? Check out the link below. As mentioned above, there’s two ways to monetize YouPorn directly, and ways to use YouPorn as a marketing tool. There’s also a content partner program that’s separate from the Verified Amateur Program and geared towards paysites and mainstream producers.

Learn More: Using YouPorn For Marketing and Monetization

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