YouKandy Has Gone Out Of Business (FirstChoice Pay)

YouKandy Offline

YouKandy Taken Offline – Citing FirstChoice Pay

Update: It’s official. YouKandy is out of business. After being offline for over a week, they finally made the announcement via Twitter. The company cites funds being held up by FirstChoice Pay as the reasoning. Recently, FirstChoice Pay went out of business. Any merchants that had funds in their accounts (to be used for payouts)


Update: How To Get Money From Choice Bank

There’s been an update on how to get money owed to you from Choice Bank. There’s been a site that’s been setup with claim forms and instructions to go about the process. This is definitely the route to go to get money owed from a FirstChoice Pay account. It’s fair to speculate that this claims process could also be used to get money owed from YouKandy as well, although without being able to access account balances and prove what YouKandy owes you, it might be difficult.


Original Post:


YouKandy’s Official Announcement:

YouKandy Twitter

“Due to FirstChoicePay going out of business and taking tens of thousands of Dollars we had paid them to pay models, we are sad to announce we have regretfully been forced to cease trading due to no funds to continue. This was out of our control and something we did not foresee. 

We were told by FirstChoicePay that the many thousands we had sent to them would be returned so we could then pay everyone using an alternative service, however not one cent has been returned by FCP. We are as upset as everyone else, more so as they have killed our business.”


Here’s The Original Post (Before Update):


Update: 5/8/16: YouKandy Now Displaying 404 Errors

It’s now been nine days since YouKandy went offline, and as of today, the website is now displaying 404 errors instead of the Under Contruction page that was previously displayed. A 404 error means that the page could not be found. Either it’s been deleted, or something else is preventing it from being displayed. The website itself is still hosted, or else it’d be returning a 500 error instead. But this definitely isn’t a good sign.


YouKandy Support and Twitter Remains Silent

YouKandy isn’t responding to our emails, and it appears that is the case with everyone else, as well. Their Twitter account is also quite, not offering up any information about the downtime. Everyone that has tried tweeting to them or shooting them DMs are reporting that the clip site isn’t responding to them. It is doubtful that YouKandy will be responsive via any other channels, as well.


More Information On Choice Bank’s Impact

Everyone believes that Choice Bank and FirstChoice Pay might be the catalyst that caused the downtime. For those that didn’t know, Choice Bank was the high-risk banking partner for both FirstChoice Pay and Paxum. Legislative woes caused liquidity issues for Choice Bank. This temporarily disrupted Paxum services, and caused Choice Bank to completely go out of business. Because FirstChoice Pay was the only cashout option offered by YouKandy, this completely compromised all payouts to both models and affiliates.

The Choice Bank debacle rocked the entire industry. Just about every network used either Paxum or FirstChoice Pay, many sites using both services. There are still performers who are having issues receiving cashouts, as Paxum has been backlogged trying to reissue cards, as well as dealing with a flood of new applications from performers switching to their service from FirstChoice.


YouKandy Received Flak Over Lack of Action

While all the other networks were quick to implement FirstChoice Pay alternatives, YouKandy has yet to do so. To give you some idea, there were networks announcing new payout options days after the Choice Bank announcement. Meanwhile, weeks past without any action from YouKandy, and with not much reassurance other than “We’re working on it”. Roughly 20 days after FirstChoice went under, YouKandy went offline.


Models Speculating Over Whether They’ll Get Paid

There’s a lot of speculation right now, over whether YouKandy is going out of business and whether or not the models will get paid. This paranoia started before the site went down, with commentary over how long it’s taken for YouKandy to figure out an alternative payout option. Many models removed their clip store items and started promoting their other sites. Some stating that there’s no way they’d return to YouKandy, even if a solid payout option was implemented.

The site going under is an even bigger red flag for those performers. Especially given the extended time that the site has been down, mixed with the lack of reassurance from support, and lack of an official statement regarding the downtime. A search on Twitter will show many “I told you so!” tweets, as well as models venting about the balances that were still sitting in their YouKandy account.


Looking For YouKandy Alternatives?

If you’re looking for YouKandy alternatives, take a look at our list of adult clip sites. It makes it easy to compare the various clip sites side-by-side. There are plenty of sites out there. Best of all; every other clip site has payout options besides YouKandy. We’ve also got directories for social media subscriptions, camming sites, and phone sex sites. YouKandy did support all of those services as well, although selling clips was the main focus of the platform.

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