YNOT Forums Become YNOT Network (Social Media Site)

YNOT Network

YNOT Forum Becomes Private Social Network

YNOT’s forums have transitioned into a complete social network with a new home: YNOT Network. All the forum content has been implemented, with the addition of tons of new features including live chat a social stream and much more. This is a 100% private social network. Members must register before being able to interact with the content. Here’s all the details.


YNOT Forum Completely Transferred Over

If you were a member of the YNOT Forum, all the content has been completely transferred over. All the old URLs transfer over to the new URLs, and the forum section on YNOT Network is completely the same as it was when it was on a subdomain of the main YNOT website.


Works With YNOT ID

YNOT Network works with your YNOT ID, which is used across all their products. If you haven’t activated your YNOT ID before today then to activate YNOT Network and link it to your YNOT ID, simply log into YNOTID.com and visit your Dashboard. From there you can “Activate” the YNOT Network service, and you’re good to go.


YNOT Is A Private Social Network

This keeps your content secure and private from outside eyes. Only people with YNOT IDs and community access will be able to see your content and interact with you. This keeps people from your personal life, and those outside the industry from seeing the content being shared.


YNOT Network Features

Home Feed – The main social media feed. Contains all the interactions that occur on the platform.

Live Chat – In addition to the profiles and feeds, there’s also a live chatroom built into the platform.

Forums – All of the YNOT forum content has been imported into the new social network.

Events – There’s an event section on the site. Any registered member can create their own events.

Photo Albums – Upload photo albums that get featured in the photo section as well as the news feed.

Videos – Add your videos to the video section of the site.

Classifieds – Looking for something? Offering something? Post it to the classified section.

Groups – Create and join groups dedicated for specific topics.

Resume – Post your resume to the resume section of the website.

Messaging – Built in internal messaging functionality between users.

Connections – Connect with other people. Once connected, you’ll see whenever they’re online.


More Forum and Communities

Interested in knowing what other adult-friendly forums and communities are around? We’ve got them all in one place! There are tons of adult-friendly communities out there, some that are dedicated to camming models! Forums and communities are good for asking questions, promotion and interacting with other people within the industry.

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