Xotika.tv Shuts Down (Sometime Early 2019?)


Xotika.tv Shuts Down (Sometime Early 2019?)

Xotika.TV was an adult camming site powered entirely off of Bitcoin. Although there’s many other camming sites supporting cryptocurrency, Xotika was one of the first (if not the first) to run entirely off of cryptocurrency. Could this have been too niche and was Bitcoin widely adopted enough to support the site? That might have been the very reason the site went out of business. Either way, it was revolutionary in it’s own sense.


More Sites Gone Out of Business

Looking for more¬†camming and clip sites that have gone out of business? We’ve got an ongoing collection of them. We’ve seen so many sites pop up and go under that we decided that we should start cataloging them. The “Graveyard” is what we call it. And Xotkia.TV has just been moved to the graveyard, where the company joins a wide number of other networks.

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