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XMember: Adult Membership Site and Online Store CMS

XMember is a script by Adent that allows models, studios and webmasters to easily build and run their own adult membership site and online store. It’s a self-hosted script, and well documented, meaning that you can fully customize it the way you want. That means a lot more can be done with it when compared to free website builders such as ModelCentro. Here’s all the details on XMember.


CCBill and EPOCH Supported For Payments

XMember supports CCBILL and EPOCH for payment integration. You’ll need to setup accounts with either vendors in order to integrate. CCBILL and EPOCH are both trusted brands and industry leaders when it comes to accepting adult payments.


Subscription Pricing, Pay-Per-Minute and Store Item Purchase Available

There’s multiple ways to charge for access to XMember sites. Webmasters can setup premium members only sections (different levels of membership available). It’s also possible to charge pay-per-minute on streaming video on demand. Webmasters are also able to setup their very own store items. Members are able to purchase individual store items and either watch or download the content.



Different Membership Levels and Pricing Tiers

XMember supports different membership levels, including trial membership. Each membership tier can gain access to different kinds of content. Set pricing for each membership level. For trial memberships, XMember uses proven growth hacking techniques to convert trial memberships into paying memberships.


Security Features Prevents Password Sharing

XMember has built-in features that prevent password sharing and/or selling. Password sharing and selling is a major issue (rivaling piracy) for adult webmasters. Shady people will register accounts on sites and sell discounted passwords to people, cutting into your profits. XMember will help you fight these shady people, ensuring you get the most revenue out of your content.


Built In IP-Tracking For Blocking States and Regions

Privacy is a major concern, especially for individual models. XMember has your back. Using IP-tracking, you’re able to block access to specific states or regions. Keep people you know from finding you online, possibly compromising your privacy and revealing your true identity.


Custom Module For Live Camming

If you’re also performing live camming shows, XMember has the perfect module for you. Add live cam shows directly to your XMember site. The Live Camming Module supports pay-per-minute camming shows.


Custom Module For Texting / Phone Sex

Currently offering phone sex or sexting? Now you can offer it directly from your site. XMember has a module for texting and one for talking. Perfect for content producers who are also phone sex operators.


Get Started With XMember Today!

Ready to get started? Buy XMember now! Start running your very own premium membership site, adult marketplace site and more. Xmember gives you so many different options on how to run your online adult business. Whether it’s setting up your own adult store, membership site or VOD site. Plus, integrate with live camming and phone sex to offer even more services. Get started today!


More Platforms / Website Builders For Adult Performers

Are you an adult performer wanting to put together a website? There’s tons of ways to go about it, and plenty of tools that can help you in becoming a webmaster. Best of all, some of them require zero knowledge in coding, hosting and all that other techy stuff. For the ones that do, there’s tons of resources available to help you learn everything you need to know about building and running your website. See what platforms and options are available.

Get Started: Building A Website For An Adult Performer


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