Pros and Cons of the xHamster Monetization Programs

The xHamster Creator Program allows verified accounts to monetize the free videos that they upload to the tube site. Similar to the Pornhub Verified Amateurs program, xHamster pays performers a portion of the revenue from the ads displayed on their videos. Although xHamster gives you a few more hoops to jump through to qualify for monetization, there are a lot of great features to the program that make it well worth the effort of signing up.

Pros of xHamster Creator Program

  • Decent AdShare CPM: xHamster doesn’t share the specifics of its AdShare CPM calculations, but it looks to be similar to Pornhub’s rate, and it adds up quickly. Part of the calculation includes the performance of the ads (whether viewers click), not just the views, so it is hard to guess at the actual rate. So far my calculations have ranged from $0.23/1k views to $0.59/1k views, which is on par with what other tube sites offer. It’s hardly YouTube levels of cash, but in the adult industry the ad rates are far lower, and you need to make sure you align your expectations with that reality when it comes to monetizing free videos.
  • Great traffic: xHamster does a great job of driving traffic to verified profiles. Make sure your clip titles use as many appropriate keywords as possible to make sure you show up in search, and select an attractive and eye-catching thumbnail. There’s also very little downside to uploading free videos to multiple tube sites, as they all have their own sources of traffic, and monetizing the same content across multiple platforms increases your earning potential and exposure.
  • Banner feature: xHamster allows verified performers to upload banners that link to outside sites that will be displayed under their content. This is a great opportunity to drive traffic to a high-converting site – it could be your personal website, a fan club, clip site, or cam site – and extend your brand with attractive images/graphics. xHamster does not limit which sites you can link to, although they do ask that you give them an affiliate link if the platform you link to supports it.

Cons of xHamster Creator Program

  • Requirements to join AdShare: Unlike Pornhub, which allows verified amateurs to monetize free videos as soon as their ID is approved, xHamster requires creators to upload 3 free videos and have a total of 10,000 views before they can activate the AdShare option. As soon as you hit those milestones, you can request to activate AdShare – it is not automatic, but it is as easy as clicking a button in your Creator Dashboard to send the request. I kept a close eye on my views to make sure I requested as soon as possible. It took 48 hours for my request to be approved. Once AdShare is approved, it only applies going forward – any views you received before your approval are unpaid.
  • Separate from xHamster Premium: xHamster Premium is a platform that allows performers to sell clips individually. It is, however, separate from the tube site, and models must separately create an account and go through the ID verification process again to sell videos there. Uploading to xHamster Premium is on a separate site, and while you can apparently add a widget to your xHamster profile that displays your paid videos, the lack of all-in-one integration is disappointing.
  • Payout minimum & frequency: xHamster pays out monthly, with payments processed on the 15th of the month for the previous month. The payout minimum is $100. Monthly payouts are a feature of other sites, including Pornhub and Clips4Sale, but for a site that is only paying out on AdShare income, $100 is a high minimum. (It is not clear whether earnings from AdShare are combined with xHamster Premium earnings to reach the minimum payout.)

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