What Guys on Cam Sites Look For by Empress Mika

Empress Mika

What Guys On Camming Sites Want

When I first started in the cam-world, I wish I had this article! I’m so pleased to share this article, as I strongly feel it’s important for newer models coming into camming to understand.


What Do Guys Really Look For On Cam?

To answer this question directly right off the bat, here are a list of things that generalizes what most guys are looking for from you on cam:

  • Companionship
  • To jerk off / achieve orgasm

Now, there are those that are genuinely trying to use the site to date, but, in general, I find companionship and jerking off to be the most common.

Many times, guys could be looking for both companionship and jerking off. After all, a strong argument for using a cam site in the first place over simply watching porn is that live, companionship element.


Cam Work Is Adult Work

This may perhaps sound like common sense but I have seen time and time again girls coming into this industry thinking that they can somehow skip out on helping guys jerk off / achieve orgasm. Unfortunately, in my experience, this is rarely achievable. At the very least, cam models need to acknowledge that it is something that can and will inevitably happen and be inquired about almost constantly.

I found this “skip-out” mentality to be especially true for those women entering into the industry as non-nude models. Some of these models may perhaps even think that what they are doing is not considered adult work. This is simply not the case.


Therefore I feel it’s important to acknowledge that:

Just because you choose not to get naked does not mean that guys are not going to find a way to jerk off to you. Period.


This holds true if you choose to do fetishes or if you’re on a free chat site trying to build a community. No matter the case, you are fulfilling a connection, a fantasy, and, of course, a sexual desire. Put another way, there are way too few (if any) guys that use cam sites to “only” talk and “never get turned on / jerk off”.


Companionship Isn’t Always Friendship

This was another huge lesson for me personally when I first began in the cam-world. That is, companionship is NOT always friendship. In fact, I’d argue that, most of the time, it is not friendship and more of a temporary or intermittent fling for most guys.

I found this to be especially important for those models working on free-chat sites that desire to create a genuine community.


It is important to realize that:

For most guys on cam sites, companionship is fickle.


What you may think is a close, dependable regular simply isn’t. He will move on to another model or even move on once he begins to date someone in real life, for example. What he says while he is horny and in the moment may not be true for the long-haul. This has happened to me countless times.

Of course, it is possible to have stable friendships but please understand that it is extraordinarily rare.


Avoiding Disappointment

This information in this article may sound grim but please know that it is simply for you to gain a better understanding going into this work so you do not have to feel disappointed or caught off guard.

It is usually always best to have a healthy distance away from the men you interact with on cam, especially. You just never know what is going to happen and it is best to put yourself and your needs first. Always.

As always, I hope this helped! 🙂

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