How To Do “Wet And Messy” (WAM) Shows and Clips

Wet And Messy Fetish

How To Do “Wet And Messy” (WAM) Camming Shows / Clips

We have talked about shower and bath shows before, so let’s talk about another related fetish: “Wet And Messy”. Also known as WAM. Here’s how to do wet and messy cam shows and clips.


Common WAM Fetishes / Shows

Sploshing (Food) – The most common of the wet and messy clips is sploshing (or splooshing) which typically involves food. Crushing food, being pied (usually in the face) and sitting on cakes are the usual shows you run into. These types of scenes involve more preparation and clean up. This is why people that choose to shoot this type of fetish charge more (for supplies and the time it takes up).

Pies can get expensive so most producers will actually fill pie trays with shaving cream rather than use real pies (a much cheaper option). You can get colorful by adding food coloring to the shaving cream.

Mud / Jelly Wrestling – Mud/Jelly wrestling is a common request. You can actually buy kits on amazon for this. If not, you can make a mud pit by digging a few inches in the ground and then add water until you get the consistency you want. Real mud comes from dirt so you can also buy clay if you want something “cleaner” (if you use pesticides on your lawn).

Chocolate – Chocolate syrup is commonly used in messy clips and it can get really sticky. You can use strawberry syrup to add variety with a different color. Of course this option is edible and you can mix things up by adding other food options such as bananas, strawberry, etc. Anything that is soft and can be crushed easily.

Body Paint – Body paint can be bought in stores but you can also make your own at home. Lotion and food coloring works well but be sure to do a spot test on yourself to make sure you are not allergic to the lotion and to check if the food coloring will stain. If you need something that will not rub off hand sanitizer and food coloring will work as well. With both recipes you can add cornstarch to thicken.


General Safety and Health Tips

With any option be sure to keep things out of your eyes and have a wet wash near by just in case. There are a lot of food allergies out there so before you get messy be sure to do a spot test on your body, the soft spot behind your elbow is a good place to test. If you start to get any hives, pain or rashes be sure to clean off immediately.

For most WAM shows I would not recommend any internal play. These activities can result in a yeast infection, UTI or other problems if substances go inside of your vagina (or in the urethra for males). Most people that are into these types of fetishes do not mind clothed scenes, or scenes without masturbation, the important part is the mess.


WAM Preparation

Do not use any bedsheets or blankets since they will be easily stained. Instead use a tarp or plastic that you can line your floors and walls with. Then, you can either wash them off or throw them away. Equipment used for painting works well.

Here’s some great places to shoot:

Bathtub – Your easiest clean-up option would be in the bathroom/tub. The main thing to remember is that things can get very slippery depending on what you use.

Kiddy Pool – A kiddy pool is great way to keep the mess contained and is also reusable.

Backyard – Shooting outdoors works great. You’re able to hose down the area afterwards and keep the mess out of the house. This option might not work if you’ve got nosey neighbors.


WAM Cleanup

When doing clean up make sure you get everything. Anything that contains sugar or milk can lead to a real bad smell after a while so be sure to clean every last bit. Dishwashing soap works best to get things off of your body but do not use internally. Dish washing soap can be harsh on the skin so only use a tiny bit and not often.


WAM is popular, messy and fun. So go ahead and WAM! Bam! Thank you Ma’am!


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