The Webcam Startup Live Hangout / Podcast Is Now In iTunes


The Webcam Startup Podcast Is Now On iTunes

A few months back, the team at Webcam Startup launched a new Podcast / Live Hangout Series. It started out as the “Week In Review”, where we (Nate or Aerie) would give a digest of all the new content on Webcam Startup. That Week In Review evolved into a live hangout series, where a wide range of people had the opportunity to jump onto YouTube Live and talk everything new happening in the industry. That hangout series is now available as a podcast on iTunes.


We Go Live 6 PM EST Each Wednesday On YouTube:

As mentioned earlier, the hangout is held live on YouTube each Wednesday at 6 PM EST. We shoot the invite link to a number of people, and you never know who’s going to jump on. The list of people who get the invite keeps growing as well. If you’re interested in being on the show, get a hold of us and let’s talk! After the live hangout, the podcast is syndicated to a number of places, including iTunes!


Where The Podcast Gets Syndicated To:

iTunes – iTunes is the major podcast directory, accounting for over 50% of all podcast downloads and listens.

Google Play – The second most popular podcast directory. Strong Android integration.

Vimeo – Vimeo is the second largest video site. The full video file gets uploaded to Vimeo after the live hangout has finished on YouTube.

SoundCloud – After the podcast version is created, the audio file gets uploaded to SoundCloud.

Pinterest – We’ve setup a Pinterest board and pin each YouTube episode onto that board.

BlogTalkRadio – BlogTalkRadio is a popular indie podcasting platform. All podcasts are syndicated to BlogTalkRadio as well.


More Syndication Coming Soon!

Now that we’ve got everything on the back-end figured out, getting our show in more places is now insanely easy. Expect more places to come, including more popular podcast and online radio networks, as well as gaming consoles and smart TVs. We’re exploring all options, shooting out applications and we expect our list of syndication networks to grow rapidly.


Interested In Being A Part Of This?

Interested in being a part of the show? If you’ve got something to contribute, and you’re interested, get a hold of us! We’re still a new series and haven’t put together any formal criteria or standards for participants. We might have some more formal standards in the future, but for the meantime, contact us and let us know who you are and why you want to be a part of the show.


The Official Podcast Page

For more information on the podcast, check out the official podcast page. It contains a list of episodes in order, including the Week In Review series that started it all. Each of the show pages contains detailed information on what’s new in the industry, as well as what we cover on each show.

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