AMA: Being A Camboy / Male Pornstar with Alec Hardy and Greg Busyman

AMA With Camboys Alec Hardy and Greg Busyman

Webcam Startup AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Camboys Alec Hardy and Greg Busyman, hosted by Aerie_SM and Katy Churchill. We collected questions from the community prior to the AMA, and also took questions from the live audience (on Aerie’s channel, Webcam Startup was still in YouTube jail at the time) during the live AMA session. Hear what the two camboys had to say about their pornstar careers.


How To You Prepare For Camming / Producing Clips

Greg: I schedule about half my shows, and the ones that I don’t schedule I just find some time. The ones that I schedule, my routine is about to get ready about 10 minutes before hand just to make sure everything is working, and that is basically ‘panic mode’, just like I assume it is very just about everybody else. I don’t spend about an hour doing makeup or anything like that.

Alec: I’m basically the same,  I just fire up the software and kill all the other software that’s hogging CPU. Maybe I check the background to make sure that everything looks good, but basically that’s all.


How Do You Stay Hard For Extended Periods – Do You Use Pills?

Alec: No way!

Greg: Not often. The thing is, not everyone wants to see it hard. I’m surprised at how many people want to see it soft.


Growers or Showers?

Alec: I’m a grower. I go from tiny to as big as my arm! I actually have a seven hour porn compilation that I use to keep myself turned on. I don’t stay hard all the time when it’s not need, because why bother, but when someone takes me to private and wants me to be hard, it helps.

Greg: I’m definitely a grower. I’m very self-conscience when I’m small and soft.


How Do Privates Work? Do Privates Or Public Shows Work Better

Greg: I used to think that you’d have a certain amount of inventory that, you know, it takes like 20 minutes to recharge. But some want to see you soft, some want to see you stroking, it’s actually surprising how many people don’t want to see a cumshot at the end.

Alec: Yeah, it’s very much the same for me. There are some that do want the to see me cum, and when I do a public show, it usually ends with a cumshot. A few weeks ago I just finished a cum show and then a regular came by and he’s into hypnotizing fetish, so he didn’t really require my penis at all.


Do You Guys Do A Lot Of Fetish Or Vanilla?

Alec: In shows, I’m mostly doing vanilla stuff, but in privates I do have a few regulars who are into fetishes. Nothing too…..Fetishy. But I’m primarily focusing on clips now because of schedules. And now that I’m focusing on clips, I’m starting to indulge in fetishes. With vanilla clips it’s just a bunch of jerking off and if I don’t change it up, it gets boring.

Greg: I guess it’s the same for me. The thing is; everyone has their own fetishes and the thing that surprises me is the requests I get, whether it’s different body parts or doing different things. I don’t seek it out, but some stuff I’ll entertain.


Greg: How Often Do You Get Asked To Show Your Face?

Greg: I get asked that probably about once per show. At the beginning of my career, I used to, but my stuff got recorded and posted. Due to the stigma surrounding the industry, I didn’t want my face plastered all over the tube sites and rest of the internet. I got in trouble a little bit with my employment at the time, and stopped showing my face.

For some privates with regular customers that I know really well, I’ll still show my face, but that’s the only time.


Do You Do Anal and How Do You Prepare For It?

Greg: I didn’t really at first, just here and there and more as fetish stuff. But a few weeks ago, I got a Lovense Hush, which is a vibrating buttplug that reacts for tips. That toy has done surprisingly well and I’ve had a lot of wild shows where people go crazy with it.

I do want to address anyone who’s thinking about getting into the industry and are too transfixed on the whole anal thing and if it makes them gay. You really have to relax and go with it. Like it was mentioned earlier, if you’re not doing anal, you’re actually missing out because it’s a lot of fun.

Alec: I fucking love the Hush! I’ve got it charging right here! On Chaturbate they’re huge! I hardly do anal because I love binge-eating and it can make it hard to prepare. I did make a silicon copy of my dick once and people went nuts because I was fucking myself, but sadly, it broke.


How Often Do You Have To “Fuck Your Butt”?

Greg: I’ve been doing this for a long time and I didn’t stick anything up my ass for the first three months or so. It’s really not that big of a deal.

Alec: I don’t really do much dildo fucking, it’s more just buttplugs and stuff. One comment I have for the guys thinking about getting into the industry and are worried about anal; anal is awesome! If you’re not doing out, you’re missing out both personally as well as monetarily.


Do You Do A Lot Of Dirty Talking?

Greg: You have to talk. And usually they’re busy jerking and can’t type back, so you gotta be the one doing the talking. The hard part is; if you’re in a public chat is that there’s people who want to talk dirty to you and people who want you to talk dirty to them, and it’s hard to do both at the same time. It’s definitely much easier in private chat.

Alec: It’s the same with me. For me, there’s a lot of talking, but not exactly dirty talking.


Do You Have Anything Specific That You Like Wearing On Cam?

Greg: Lot’s of stuff: Underwear, thongs, mesh, a lot of fun things. If you have a lot of regulars they want to see something different, they don’t want to see the same things all the time.

Alec: It’s the same for me. For clips I generally start out naked and I’m naked all the time. With cam shows, I start fully dressed. I really like funny t-shirts if you haven’t noticed or maybe pajamas. Sometimes I don’t wear shirts because I have a lot of tattoos and the tattoos are a major attention grabber.


How Long Are You Able To Cam (Can You Cum Multiple Times?)

Greg: I did a show once for about four hours and I came five times and I could hardly walk the next day. That’s pretty unusual though and I couldn’t do it every day. Quite frankly, cumming isn’t what everyone wants to see. People want to see it grow, they want to see you stroking it or they want to see you stripping. It’s amazing how many customers don’t want to see a cum show.

Alec: My record is like cumming twice. I could cum six, seven or eight times a day, but I only do up to two.


Have You Ever Faked An Orgasm?

Greg: It’s really hard for guys to fake an orgasm.

Alec: I have. It was super awkward, but I actually managed to make it work. It was like three years ago. I had this guy who really wanted a cumshot. And it was apparent that it wasn’t gonna work, so I asked him if he wanted to see a cum-slap and he was all about it. So for like five minutes I gathered as much saliva in my mouth and while the camera was all shaky, I spat on my stomach and showed them how big it was and it worked!


Are Your Customers Mainly Men or Women?

Greg: I will say that women do tip better than guys. It’s the guys that is the majority. If you’re comfortable doing things in front of guys, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

Alec: For me, it’s like 95% guys, 2% or 3% guys pretending to be women and the remainder are women. From the guys pretending to be women, and what they ask, it’s pretty obvious that they’re really guys.


What Is The Most Outlandish Fetish You’ve Ever Done?

Greg: I had a guy who wanted me to cum on a little toy red car, it had to be red, and he had to pick it out, and it was really specific. I’ve never had a request that specific before, so that was really wild.

Alec: This was probably the most awkward moment for me on cam. I had a guy who wanted me to hypnotize him by beat-boxing. I personally think it went horrible, but he liked it and he came. I was pretty much crying in side, it was horrible.

I’ve done hypno shows in the past by flexing my muscles. Like hypnotize someone by making my pecks flex, and those were some of the funnest shows I’ve ever done. But this one was awkward.


Are You Gay? Do Guys Care About Sexual Orientation?

Greg: I started out gay for pay, but sort of became a lot more bisexual. You spend a lot of time with men or women, you start to learn what gets people off.

Alec: Yeah, it’s basically the same for me. I’m more bi-curious. I haven’t had any real life experiences with guys. The closest thing was when I was in this swingers club and a girl and guy were jacking off right next to us, but I don’t think that counts.

I don’t think orientation matters. You’ll find guys that want to see straight guys jerking, guys who want to see bi guys and all orientations.


Does Being Straight Encourage Guys To Try Converting You?

Alec: I think so, yeah. I’ve had some experiences with it, but said openly that I’m straight and people would try turning me.

Greg: Same here. I have a lot of messages from people lurking because they’re bi-curious and they want to ask all the questions but don’t want to venture out. It’s a way for people to ask the questions without being exposed.


What Advice Would You Give New Camboys?

Alec: Just jump on.

Greg: Just relax and go with it. Especially for guys, if you’re too anxious or nervous you’re not gonna perform well. It’s all about interaction and if you can just get into the energy and go with it, you’ll get into the groove.

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Do You Guys Manscape? Do Your Customers Like Bush?

Greg: I definitely do manscape. There are some guys who want to see pubic hair and others that want to see it clean and trimmed. I do shave my balls and they do like that.

Alec: I do manscape, I did it like three hours ago, actually. In my experience, when it comes to hair, it’s usually facial hair or hair on the top of the head. I use this hair trimmer thing and one time it caught part of my balls. Oh my god! The amount of blood!

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