Webcam Startup AMA: Katy Churchill (Via Instagram)

Instagram AMA With Skype Girl Katy Churchill

AMA with camgirl, Skype model, PSO and clip producer Katy Churchill. Or as she puts it; “An Internet Whore”. The AMA took place on the @CamgirlStartup Instagram. Each Tuesday, we feature a new AMA, so be sure to subscribe and catch us Tuesday, where you can interact live and ask your own questions. Here’s what Katy Churchill has to say.


Katy Churchill’s AMA:


How Did You Get Started

Katy: “When I was at the university, one of my roommates was a stripper, and I used to babysit her kid when her and her roommate (also a stripper) were both working the same nights. After she got a more stable place to take care of her kids, she invited me to the club for some free drinks. I’ve never been to a strip club before, so I rounded up some girlfriends and we went.

The women were sexy, smart and funny and it was then that I decided I wanted to be a stripper. I went an auditioned, and they turned me down. I finished my degree and started working. Later on, I went to audition again. And once again, they turned me down. The first time was because I was too skinny, and the second time because I was too fat.

When I was doing research, I came across a forum that also had discussions about camming. I decided that there’s nobody that could tell me that I couldn’t start camming, and I loved it. I was working both the jobs and it was taking up a lot of time, so I decided to take up full-time camming to free up time for friends and life.”


What Is Your Favorite Part About The Industry?

Katy: “Uh, the orgasm. I’m a slutty person, I enjoy getting off and getting paid for it. The creativity, the community of other sex workers. Let’s be honest; I get paid to get off, and it’s great. I love getting into a lot of fetish stuff, being kinky and creative and filming stuff. I’ve learned so much about computers and technology, filming and editing.”


What Is Your Least Favorite Part About the Industry?

Katy: The fact that I can tell people what I do. I don’t really want to get downer about the stigma that comes with it. That part is really shitty. Outside of that, the same things about other forms of self-employment; not having sick leave or anything like that. It’s also hard to tell yourself to go and take a day off and go hangout with friends. It can be hard balancing work and life.

Aerie: Definitely, I feel like being self-employed is definitely a quick way to get into an anti-social hole.


How Long Do You Plan On Being In The Industry?

Katy: Until they tell me it’s illegal. I’m sure there will be a time when I decide I don’t want to put on makeup, do my hair and go through all the motions. I do have an exit plan in place, because who knows, maybe someday it will become illegal. There’s been a lot of scary legislation going on. But it’s good to have a plan, because you never know what might happen.


Where Are Most Your Clients Located?

Katy: I used to live in the UK, and then I moved back west to Canada. So, when I moved back, I was very conscientious about the time I’ve been performing, and they’re eight hours ahead. So shifting earlier made sense to me. Outside of that, I just hate being awake at night and sleeping during the day.

Then working the earlier hours, you get the people with morning wood here in my time zones, and you just knock them out real quick, non-stop. I eventually stopped working the way early hours though, as I was going to bed way too early just to be ready to cam, so I was waking up at 3 AM in the morning. 


How To You Manage To Have Multiple Orgasms In One Cam Session

Katy: How do I manage? I’m lucky as a female, as it’s easy for me to have an orgasm. Turns out that in this line of work, it’s the top line on y resume. I can get one in three minutes flat with a vibrator. With pretty much any type of show, I can have one within 10 minutes. So, in a 20 minute show I can cum twice, and often times I can cum twice in a 15 minute show. My record was during a one hour show when I managed to cum seven times.


What’s Your Favorite Service: Camming, Skype, Clips, Ect?

Katy: Skype. I really love 1-on-1, and that’s the main reason why I started doing Skype shows. I have a big monitor, so everything is almost life-sized. I love being able to read the body language and having that intimate interaction.

Aerie: A lot of guys like that. I feel that there’s a lot of girls that fake the sexual part of everything, but Katy is definitely not one of them.


What Do You Think Of Snapchat Video Chat?

Katy: Oh my god, I hate it! I will do Snapchat shows with my premium subscribers for a really low price. Snapchat glitches and crashes and it makes me so frustrated.


What Is Your Favorite Role-Play To Do?

Katy: It changes and I go through phases. But after I do the show so much, I get tired of it. Right now I’m really into being your wife’s best friend, but before that I was into being your brother’s or friend’s wife. I don’t know why I’m about the wife thing, maybe because it’s cheating and scandalous, but I could trade being a wife out for being a girlfriend just as easily.


What Fetishes Do You Do Most?

Katy: I do a lot of fart fetish and pee shows. I do a fair amount of small penis humiliation and ass-worship. Those are probably my top ones for live shows. I do a lot of doctor role-play, too. The rest of my shows is masturbation, blowjob, anal, the more vanilla / mainstream fetishes.


What’s Your Opinion Of British Men As Cam Customers?

Katy: I love regional accents. If you’re Welsh, just keep saying ‘no’ to me the rest of my life. I love the way they so ‘no’ in that accent. British men? There’s a lot of uncircumcised dicks over there, and I personally like them uncircumcised, so I really like that.


Can You Twerk?

Katy: Okay, it depends on your definition of twerking. I can sort of twerk, but that’s mostly because my but is very big and if you keep moving it, it’ll move around.


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