Adult Webcam Awards: Why You Should *NOT* Vote Webcam Startup

2018 Adult Webcam Awards

Why You Should Not Vote For Us In The Adult Webcam Awards

Webcam Startup has received a nomination for Best Blog in the Adult Webcam Awards. We thank you all for the nomination. Whenever a company gets nominated for an award, they always highlight the reasons why their company deserves your vote. We’re not the status quo, so we’re going to do things a little differently. We’re going to list the reasons why you should *NOT* vote for us in the Adult Webcam Awards. Here’s why:


1: Webcam Startup Is Not Model Owned

The number one reason why you should not vote for Webcam Startup is because we’re not model-owned. We can say we’re “Model Operated”, as Aerie is now a mission-critical part of the team, and we’ve got a large team of contributors.

Outside of our core contributors (currently Aerie_SM, Jasmine Jade and Alice Snow) we also feature plenty of content from past contributors, and we’re always talking to writers that come on board. In-fact, look for content from a new contributor to be added this week!

As Webcam Startup grows, the role that performers play in our operation will scale with us. Webcam Startup has made a commitment to only hire from the model community. We even advertise that we’ll have help with resumes and leverage our rapport to get performers positions within the various companies, if that’s the route they want to go.

We feel strongly that we need more model ran and operated companies within the industry. Even though we’re only leading by example on the “Operated” part.


2: We Are Under Fire For Throwing Businesses Under The Bus

The timing of this nomination is very ironic, as we recently came under fire from some people in the industry. This was basically for non getting on the propaganda bandwagon, and letting real and relevant questions get asked on our weekly live video hangout series.

How is it that you could possibly vote for a company that asks the tough questions that the performers in the industry want to know?


3: We Have Minimum Adult Industry Background

It’s been reminded often that many in the industry have been doing what they’re doing longer then anyone on the Webcam Startup team has been alive. We’re newbies in the industry. How you vote for someone with a bunch of millennials on the team? Where’s the experience? All we’ve got is a bunch of fresh ideas and ambition!


4: We Don’t Even Have A Badass Flashy Theme!

Our WordPress theme is basic. There is no fancy homepage with a featured slider, and cool effects as you school down the homepage. Our theme is pretty basic. How can you vote for a company that puts tons of efforts into content, with minimal efforts into themes? Hell, our theme ain’t even a premium theme!


5: Or A Logo!

Seriously, how the hell are you gonna vote someone Best Blog, when they don’t even have a logo! What kind of shenanigans is that?


Write In Princess Mika / Domme Source On Your Ballot!

That’s right! I’m calling for a massive write-in campaign! When you receive your Adult Webcam Awards ballot, tell the world that you want Princess Mika for president! (errr…..Best Blog winner). When I checked out the list of nominees, I was disappointed to find that Domme Source was not a contender. I will be dominating that site next year, so this is a non-issue.

Mika is a well-known and respected member of the community and has contributed significantly to the community. She has put much effort into making Domme Source a truly unique creation that is providing tons of value to the performers in the fetish niches.

Which is why I’m calling for a Domme Source write-in campaign. Write in Domme Source for Best Blog! But if you’re one of those voters that don’t feel a write-in campaign would be successful, or if you think that we truly deserve your vote, you can vote for us. I promise there won’t be any hard feelings!

Check out the nominees and vote for the best blog!


And Remember: Vote Early and Vote Often. We’re Doing This Chicago-Style 😉


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