Venmo Is Not Adult-Friendly (Alternatives For Payments)


Venmo Alternatives For Camgirls / Pornstars

Venmo is a popular app for sending and receiving payments. For new models just getting into the industry, using Venmo to accept payments can be very tempting. This is due to the nature of the mobile app and the appeal of being able to keep 100% of the payments. Unfortunately, Venmo is not adult-friendly, and the account will eventually get banned. It might not be tomorrow, but it will happen eventually.


Straight From Venmo’s “Prohibited Transactions”

j. involve pornography, obscene material or otherwise objectionable content or activities;

That’s pretty cut or dry. Venmo specifically lists porn has a prohibited transaction. The Obscene Material is so broad that it can be used against anything slightly sexual. We see Obscene used all the time by many mainstream platforms discriminating against adult.


Adult / Porn Is A “High Risk Vertical”

The reason that Venmo (and other popular cash apps) don’t support the adult industry is because the industry is considered “high-risk”. This means that our industry has a higher rate of fraud and chargebacks, when compared to other more mainstream industries.

What Is A Chargeback: A chargeback is when a payment is reversed. This might be due to fraud. in the case of the adult industry, it might be a guy being caught buying porn by his wife or girlfriend and trying to explain it away with “our account must have been hacked!”. Regardless of how it occurs, we see more chargebacks than other industries.

Chargebacks Cost Money: Chargebacks cost everyone money. It costs the payment processors, the platforms processing the payments and the people receiving funds just to have it reversed. Because chargebacks are expensive, only high-risk payment processors process them. These payment processors charge higher processing fees to compensate for the cost of chargebacks.


Venmo’s Chargeback Policy

Chargebacks claimed against Venmo payments usually happen because the cardholder doesn’t recognize the charge, and the amount is refunded.

If there was a chargeback claimed against a payment you made in Venmo from a debit or credit card, you’ll need to visit to recover the amount. Your account will also be temporarily frozen/suspended until the funds are paid back. If the payment in question was not authorized, please feel free to contact us and we can look into the matter further for you.

Please note: You’ll only be able to use a bank account in this instance. Once the funds have posted in your account, please reach out to us directly and we’ll be glad to lift the frozen status from your account.


#ThotAudit and Reporting Pornstar Venmo

If you haven’t heard about the #ThotAudit, it’s this really stupid movement where people are reporting sex workers and pornstars to the IRS and various other entities. One of the ways the #ThotAudit is trying to mess with models is by reporting them to the various cash apps, such as Venmo.


Venmo and Common Scams Against Models

It’s also important to note that Venmo, PayPal and other payment apps are also used in a lot of scams against models. This is due to their chargeback policy and their prohibited content. Scammers know that they can get naive models to agree to using one of these payment methods for a Skype show, content or something different. Once the payment has been sent and the services rendered, all the scammer needs to do is dispute the transaction. They know that the transfer will be charged-back and the model’s account will be frozen for violation. This means a free show and content for the scammer and the model is left scammed.


Venmo Alternatives For Adult Performers

If you’re looking for Venmo alternatives, the most common way performers process payments is through the camming or clip sites. Here are some ways to accept payments for various services:

Signing Up For Cam Sites – If you’re wanting to make money camming, partnering with a camming site is the 1st option you should consider. The camming sites charge a high percentage, but they also have tons of traffic. This will result in traffic to your room and sales.

Charging For Skype Shows – Because of the indie nature of Skype shows, it’s a lot more tempting to use a mainstream payment processor such as Square / Cash App. There are a lot of options available for Skype that do give a higher percentage than the camming sites. You’re still not going to be getting 100%, but it’s much safer. Many of the Skype networks also provide traffic and exposure.

Signing Up For Clip Sites – If you’re trying to sell video or photo content, the clip sites is definitely a place that you should look. The clip sites do charge a percentage, but many of them are very generous. These sites will also drive traffic that will increase sales.

Erotifix: Adult Payment Processor – Erotifix pays a high 85% and covers all chargebacks. It (along with the others listed here) are the highest percentage payment processors geared toward indie pornstars and great for accepting payments.

More Payout Information For Pornstars – If you’re interested in learning more information on how cashouts within the industry works, this is a good read. We go over the top cashout options used by the camming, clip and PSO networks. We’ve also got directories of all the sites supporting the mentioned cashout options.


Useful Guides For Models

If you’re researching how to get into the adult industry as a performer, we’ve got some great resources for you. Here’s some great guides and useful information:

Become A Webcam Model – If you’re interested in becoming a webcam model, you should definitely start here. Our guide will go over everything you need to know, including equipment, camming sites and more.

Producing and Selling Porn – If you’re interested in producing and selling porn, this guide has everything you need to know. Learn how to make money selling video or photo content.

Become A Phone Sex Operator – If you’re interested in becoming a phone sex operator, you should start with this guide. Mobile phones has revolutionized phone sex, and there’s also app based networks that PSOs can now take advantage of.

Selling Worn / Dirty Panties – If you’re interested in selling panties and other tangibles, you should start here. Learn more about selling panties and get a list of sites that support it.

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