Valentines Day Tips For Camgirls / Pornstars

Valentine's Day

How To Make The Most Out of Valentines Day

On Valentines Day camming, clips, and phone sex can be a very profitable holiday. Especially for models who have customers that are single! Valentines Day is the perfect holiday to market some great GFE content, shows, and phone sex because the people who typically don’t have plans on this holiday are in the market for something like the girlfriend experience, or a little bit of extra attention. Valentines Day is all about showing love and appreciation for people you care about, in the spirit of this idea many models should take the opportunity to encourage tips, and some even offer special discounts or deals and find that it will do well among many of their dedicated customers and fans who want to show their appreciation to the model.


Camming Shows On Valentines Day

Camming on Valentines Day will probably seem “just like an average day” traffic wise, but the money making potential is certainly at a high. If you are a token site model this could be a great opportunity to do a cuter, more creative show that gives your customers some insight into the kind of things you like. If you are a private site model, this is a great chance to really sell your one-on-ones to spend some alone time with your customers. Sometimes you will even find you will receive more tips for working on a holiday, especially a holiday where most of the time people are expected to be spending time with others.


Creating Valentines Day Themed Clips

Creating clips for Valentines Day is definitely popular. To guarantee your clip reaches success make sure to mix other elements in with the Valentines Day theme. For example: if you create a lot of foot fetish content that sells, try to create a video that is themed for Valentines Day but ties in your feet and the fetish, so that it will appeal to your usual audience. Many clip sites host special sections or direct extra traffic to themed holiday videos, check to see if you are on a site that provides this!


Valentines Day Tips For PSOs

Phone Sex and Sexting is a big market to be a part of on Valentines Day, it can tend to be a little more convenient than a live show, which likely makes it a preferred way of contact for people who are working on Valentines Day or possibly spending it with a significant other. Putting out little reminders on social media along the lines of, “Need a Valentine? I’m free to chat!” or “No date today, I’d be happy to keep you company!” and attaching your links to it is a great way to attract people feeling down over the holiday, and gives you the opportunity to make it a little better.


Camming / Clip Sites With 2019 Valentines Day Specials / Contests

Valentines day is coming up and the companies are starting to get ready. Many of the camming and clip sites run themed contests and promotions. Here’s everything currently going on for 2019 Valentines Day:

Streamate ‘Sweethearts Event’ Valentines Day Contest – Streamate has announced their Sweethearts Event. This is a 2-day contest running from the 14th to the 15th. Prizes for the top 200 models.

ModelCentro Valentines Day Twitter Giveaway – ModelCentro is hosting a Twitter giveaway between Feb 13th to the 15th. 10 winners will receive a ModelCentro lingerie set.

Flirt4Free 2019 Valentines Day Contests – Flirt4Free has multiple things going on for Valentines Day. The models who collect the most candy hearts win. There’s also a random drawing and a Twitter giveaway.

ManyVids Valentines Day Video Contest – The video contest will run from February 9th to the 14th, 2019. To compete, upload your Valentines Day themed and tag it with “Valentine’s Day”. The themed video that generates the most revenue wins!

ManyVids Valentines Day Photo Contest – ManyVids monthly contest for February 2019 is Valentines Day themed. In order to compete, upload your Valentines themed photo to the contest page. The contest runs from Feb 4th to the 14th.

Clips4Sale Valentines Day Themed Clip Promotion – The promotion will run until March 3rd, 2019. To take advantage of the promotion, upload your your new and unique clips to Clips4Sale and tag it with the promotional tag. Multiple clips can be uploaded, as long as they’re not duplicate and it’s new content. Here’s all the details.

CAM4 Collect the Love Contest – Feb 1st – 14th, 2019 – CAM4 has announced their Collect the Love Contest. The 10 models who collect the most Valentine-themed gifts win cash prizes!

CAM4 Couples Valentines Day Contest – The couples contest runs between February 11th to the 17th, 2019. This is an earning contest, and the couples that earn the most during the contest period wins!

CAM4 Valentines Day Themed Show Contest – CAM4 has will host a Valentines Day contest between February 9th and the 14th, 2019, with prizes for 20 global winners. In order to participate, CAM4 models must schedule a show with #CAM4Vday and tweet out the show.

Pornhub / Modelhub Valentines Day Contest – Pornhub / Modelhub has announced their Valentines Day themed contest that is running from Feb 1, 2019 to Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2019).

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