Using Wix As A Camming Model Website


Camgirls: Using Wix As A Model Website

First, I would never suggest using Wix as a website for a camming model. For one, it’s not nearly as functional as some other websites that you could build. The website builder might be easier to use than some other solutions, but it’s not nearly as robust as WordPress, as an example, or any other “self-hosted CMS” systems. In addition, Wix could always change their Content Policy and TOS to ban adult sites, pornography or nudity. This could put you at risk of losing your site. Don’t think it’s possible? Tumblr, Twitter and Blogger have all considered banning adult content. Who’s to say Wix isn’t next to decide to clean up their act?

That being said, it is possible to build a camming model website using Wix. If you’re doing this because it’s free, you might consider ModelCentro instead. They also give you a free subdomain and have geared their entire CMS and website builder around the adult industry, mainly the camming industry. Because of that, it comes with some awesome features you’d find useful, right out-of-the-box!


Building A Website Using Wix

Building a website using Wix is insanely easy. Wix requires no coding knowledge. Using the Wix editor is very similar to using a Word Processor. The concept is known as “WYSIWYG” (What You See Is What You Get) and otherwise known as a visual editor (opposed to a code editor). It is very simple to add new pages to the website and to add or modify text or photo content.


Wix and Search Engine Optimization

For better SEO, you’re going to want to use your own domain name (website name) instead of a free Wix subdomain. This way, if you ever switch over to a different CMS or other website building platform, you can maintain the search engine rankings for your site. Wix allows you to submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. Wix auto-generates a sitemap that you can submit to Webmaster Tools. You can also control the meta title and meta description of each page. This is what’s going to show up in the search engines result (Example below).


Meta Title and Description


Doing SEO is just like doing SEO on any other site. You’ll have to at least learn the basics of search engine optimization. One of the major elements of SEO is linkbuilding. This is especially difficult for the adult industry, as many places where SEOs normally build backlinks don’t accept adult content. In addition, people are less likely to link to adult websites from their own websites or blogs. Luckily there’s plenty of networks and sites that camming models can use to build backlinks.


Wix Alternatives For Camming Model Websites

ModelCentro – ModelCentro was designed for the adult industry. It’s main purpose is to be able to easily deploy membership subscription sites. This is something that Wix doesn’t currently support. In addition to the membership section, models can perform their own cam shows directly from their ModelCentro sites. It also integrates with SkyPrivate for booking and performing Skype shows. You can even deploy your own affiliate program and gain traffic from webmasters promoting your site!

ModelCentro is a fairly new platform, and like most newer platforms, there’s still much currently in development. They are a very receptive company and take all their members concerns and suggestions into consideration. They release new features and updates consistently and announce them in what they’ve dubbed Feature Friday.

ModelCentro is 100% free (suggested you pay $10 per year for your own website name) and works on a RevShare system. You keep the majority of the profits from membership subscriptions and ModelCentro’s cut covers the payment processing, hosting, development and more. You also get hosted in their model database, driving you traffic. Learn more about ModelCentro

WordPress – WordPress is my personal favorite CMS. It’s incredibly easy to use, very robust and has an insanely large 3rd party developer community. This developer community provides many themes and plugins that you can add to your site to change the look and feel and add incredible functionality.

With WordPress, you’ll have to purchase an adult-friendly hosting plan and install it on your site. This requires some investment, but it’s very minimal and will easy pay itself off by the increased traffic. You can also make it pay for itself by registering with the affiliate programs offered by your camming site or other adult sites you sell content on.

Even though the installation of WordPress might sound complicated, it’s actually fairly simple. Click on the link above to see the full walkthrough on how to configure and setup the site. It’ll guide you through the process. Even though the processes sound techy, it’s very easy to follow. If you need additional help, contact us and we’d love to walk you through the process, or even configure WordPress on your behalf!

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