Webcam Startup AMA: TwoThornedRose (Via Instagram)

AMA With Award-Winning Camgirl TwoThornedRose

AMA with camgirl and award-winning deepthroater TwoThornedRose. The AMA took place on the @CamgirlStartup Instagram. Each Tuesday, we feature a new AMA, so be sure to subscribe and catch us Tuesday, where you can interact live and ask your own questions. TwoThornedRose became famous for her deepthroating skills, going viral after deepthroating a balloon. She started making clips for fun and got into the industry when she learned she could get paid for what she was doing for fun. Here’s what TwoThornedRose has to say.


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Questions and Answers:


What Got You Started Camming?

TwoThornedRose: I was interested in being naked on the internet, and was already doing it for free. A girl told me that I could get paid doing it, and was like: “Fuck yeah!”. And that’s kind of what got me started in it.


What Is Your Favorite Thing About Camming?

TwoThornedRose: The freedom of the job. Getting to to whatever I want, whenever I want, and I love that freedom.


Do You Get Sexual Pleasure From Your Work Or Is It Acting?

TwoThornedRose: I would say it’s a mix of both.


What Site Are You On?

TwoThornedRose: I’m on Streamate. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with them, but I’m on Streamate under TwoThornedRose, and I’ve been there for over three and a half years, four years almost.


What Is Your Favorite Color?

TwoThornedRose: Red.


Where Are You From?

TwoThornedRose: I’m in Florida right now, but I’m originally from North Carolina.


What’s Your Favorite Position?

TwoThornedRose: Doggy-style.


Can I Buy You A Bikini?

TwoThornedRose: That’d be great, I’m in desperate need of them!


Do You Like A Man In Control?

TwoThornedRose: I do! Certain men I like in control!


How Big Are Your Boobs?

TwoThornedRose: 34DDD, and I almost got the wrong size. My tits got bigger and I’m so happy.


How Old Are You and Do You Prefer Older Men?

TwoThornedRose: I’m 25 and I typically prefer older guys, but I’m with somebody who’s younger with me right now.


What Kind Of Panties Are You Wearing?

TwoThornedRose: They’re pink laced panties. I’m actually wearing panties today, usually I don’t wear them when I’m at home, and half the time I go out I don’t do panties either.


What Is Your Favorite Type Of Porn To Make?

TwoThornedRose: Artsy porn. I actually went to college for special effects, so I started to incorporate what I learned into my porn. I really like doing that, so going to do a lot more of it this year.


How Did You First Discover Your Deepthroat Talents?

TwoThornedRose: I discovered it with my nine-inch dildo that I have. I had no problem deepthroating it whenever I was on cam. I saw some video on YouTube of a pornstar claiming that she’s the deepthroating queen. She did the whole sausage and cucumber thing and she only got about eight inches down. So I decided to try the sausage and cucumber thing and I managed to get the whole thing in my mouth.

I remembered a renaissance festival where there was someone who did sword swallowing with balloon swords, so that’s where I get that idea from.


How Did Your Boyfriend Accept Your Job?

TwoThornedRose: The one I’m currently with, I was a camgirl when we met, so he was always fine with it. He likes to film a lot of stuff and he comes up with some good ideas. He’s been really supportive of what I do.


What Do You do Outside Of Work?

TwoThornedRose: I workout and ride my bike a lot. I’ve been starting to get back into my artsy shit that we were talking about, and sculpting and stuff like that.


How Hard Is It Being In The Adult Industry?

TwoThornedRose: I don’t really think it’s hard for me, at least. I like it. For the common person getting into the industry, it might be difficult. They might think that it’s easier than it actually is.


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