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Twitter Updates TOS: Stricter On Adult

Twitter has updated it’s TOS, and it’s causing a lot of commotion in the adult industry. Many people are assuming this is SESTA-related, due to the timeliness of it, as well as some of the language now included in the TOS. Camgirls and pornstars are also reporting massive drops in follower counts. Whether the two are related or simply a weird correlation is unknown, but it’s easy to assume there’s a connection. Here’s all the details on the latest Twitter debacle.


What Twitter Considers “Adult Content”

Before we get started, it’s important to realize what Twitter considers “Adult Content”. Here is their definitions, in their own words, as defined in their rules:

We consider adult content to be any media that is pornographic and/or may be intended to cause sexual arousal. Some examples include, but are not limited to, depictions of:

  • full or partial nudity (including close-ups of genitals, buttocks, or breasts)
    • Please note that exceptions may be made for artistic, medical, health, or educational content. Breastfeeding content does not need to be marked as sensitive. 
  • simulating a sexual act
  • intercourse or any sexual act (may involve humans, humanoid animals, cartoons, or anime)


“Adult Content” Not Allowed In Banner / Avatar

Notice the words “Adult Content”. We demonstrated Twitter’s definitions / views of what is considered adult in the section above, and it is very vague. Anything that can cause sexual arousal (including fully clothed / non-risque) content could be considered adult, under their standards.

So definitely, be very careful about content in the profile photo / header. It’s easy to assume that anything containing nudity (even if censored) will result in a ban. It’s also fair to speculate that non-nude content (lingerie, bikini, ect) could also result in a ban.

Here’s Twitter’s Actual Language:

“We consider adult content to be any media that is pornographic and/or may be intended to cause sexual arousal. Twitter allows some forms of adult content in Tweets marked as containing sensitive media. However, you may not use such content in your profile or header images.”


“Adult Content” Not Allowed In Live Video

It also appears that adult content (including non-nude content meant for sexual arousal) is no longer allowed in live video. Twitter doesn’t make that as apparent as the profile photos and avatars (which they mention multiple times), but if you read their new terms closely, you will see:

“However, if such [adult] content appears in live video, header, or profile images, it will violate our media policy. The consequences for violating this policy depend on the severity of the violation and the person’s previous record of violations.”


Tweets With Adult Content Must Be Marked “Sensitive”

This isn’t a new rule, but there’s plenty of performers out there that are not compliant with these standards. If your account isn’t marked as containing sensitive material, definitely do that now! This is not a new rule, but with Twitter cracking down on all things sexualized, it’s easy to speculate that they’ll ramp up the enforcement of sensitive tweets more than they have in the past.


Violating Accounts Will Be Shadow-Banned

We all know how big of an issue Twitter Shadow bans are, and Twitter has pretty blatantly stated that all non-compliant accords will be shadow banned while they’re reviewed by the company. Although this isn’t the only cause of shadow bans (hashtags and automated tweets are also nefarious), if you’ve got non-compliant content (including risque profile photos or banners) it’s fair to speculate that you are at high-risk of receiving a shadow ban (if not a full ban),

Here’s Twitter’s Actual Language:

“Accounts under investigation or which have been detected as sharing content in violation of these Rules may have their account or Tweet visibility limited in various parts of Twitter, including search”


Reports Of Pornstars / Camgirls Losing Followers

There have been widespread reports of camgirls, pornstars and other adult entertainers losing massive follower accounts, sometimes in the thousands. These reports can be seen on social media, forums and other sites where conversations about Twitter and their new policies are taking place.

While Twitter hasn’t released anything official stating a correlation between these two events, the timing is suspicious. It might be because non-compliant accounts (that also happen to be followers) are getting banned / purged. Could be that people are unfollowing adult accounts to better  protect themselves, or leaving the social media site altogether.

Edit / Update: There are people speculating that the loss in followers is due to inactive / bot accounts getting deleted.


Affiliates / Producers / Promo Accounts Also Impacted

Adult entertainers aren’t the only people that are impacted by this latest update. If you’re an affiliate working with adult content, a producer or you’re running a promotional account, you also need to be concerned. In fact, affiliates might be at greater risk, as it’s much harder to be SFW. promo accounts are not going to be Tweeting photos of their lunch, their dogs or any “safe for work” content, for that matter.


Is This Related To SESTA?

Although Twitter has not made any claim that the new policies are SESTA-related, giving the timeliness, it’s an easy assumption to make. Especially since adult content is so prominent in these updated Terms of Service. For those that don’t know, The Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA) passed into law with minimal opposition.

The law was aimed at making it easier for the US Government (and victims of sex trafficking) to prosecute websites and other entities that might have enabled the sex trafficking. In order to make that possible, the law undermined Safe Harbor Provisions designed to protect websites from users who are abusing the platform.

As a result, many sites have updated their terms of service, banned anything remotely adult or illegal or have completely shut down. This includes many mainstream platforms banning non-adult things like vulgar and obscenity, which is broad enough to include acts such as cussing.


Switter: The Sex-Worker Twitter Alternative

Looking for a Twitter alternative? We’d suggest checking out Switter. Switter is an adult-friendly Twitter alternative that was developed as a response to SESTA, as well as other social media sites increasing their censorship of adult content. Switter is based out of Australia, where sex work is legal, and being dedicated to sex workers, everyone can rest assured that as long as the site is functioning, it’ll never give adult the boot.

Although Switter is focused mainly on escorts, they are open to pornstars and camgirls as well. Everyone in the sex industry has a place on the social media site.

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