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Tumblr Information For Camgirls / Pornstars

BIG MAJOR UPDATE: Tumblr has banned adult content on it’s platform. This came shortly after the app got removed from the Apple App Store and most likely in response to that. Because of that, it’s no longer the best marketing tool for camgirls. That being said; if you’re going to still use the social media site, treat it the same way you’d treat Facebook or Instagram. We’ve listed how some of the different adult industry companies have reacted to this game-changer. We’ve also left the original Tumblr marketing guide intact, for anyone who still may want to try promoting through the platform.


How Companies Responded To The Tumblr Ban:

NewTumbl (Adult Tumblr Alternative) – NewTumbl is an adult-friendly Tumblr alternative that launched in January, 2019. NewTumbl behaves very much like Tumblr and anyone looking for an alternative will feel right at home.

Plinner (Adult Tumblr Alternative) – Plinner is an adult-friendly Tumblr alternative that launched in March, 2019. Plinner is able to import Tumblr content and works very similarly to the network. Those familiar with Tumblr will be familiar to Plinner.

FanCentro Responds To Tumblr Porn Ban – FanCentro CEO Stan Fiskin wrote an open-letter, calling out Tumblr and other companies that gave adult the boot. In response to the Tumblr porn ban, FanCentro released a feature to make it easy to import Tumblr content.

JustForFans Adds Tumblr-Style Blogging Feature – JustForFans, a platform for fanclubs, clip sales, sexting and other services, has implemented a Tumblr-style blogging platform. All the free content on JustForFans will now appear on this page, with the ability to like, comment and reblog.

ManyVids Responds To Tumblr Porn Ban – ManyVids CEO wrote an open-letter in response to the Tumblr porn ban. Bella France states that the porn ban will have negative impacts on sex workers and reminds everyone that ManyVids is a safe home for everyone.

More Adult-Friendly Social Networks – Looking for more social network sites? We’ve got them all in one place! We list both the adult-friendly sites, as well as the mainstream sites. It’s still possible to promote through SFW networks, although it’s a lot more difficult and you have to be careful about the content you post and link to.


Original Tumblr Marketing Guide

Although adult content is no longer allowed, there’s still some promotional potential to the platform. All the core concepts remain the same, so the guide is still applicable for anyone trying to learn the platform.


Getting Your Content Found (Building Audience)

The whole goal of Tumblr is to build an audience, build an awareness, drive traffic and convert it into shows. In order to do this, we’re first going to have to build a following. This can be a little slow at first, but once you’ve got one, it becomes a whole lot easier. Here are some tips for getting your Tumblr blog found.


Tagging & Tumblr Search

Since you’re just starting out, you’ll be relying on Tumblr search completely. It might even take a couple days before your content shows up in posts. This is to keep spammy autoblogs from spamming the search results. After a few days (sometimes within a day) your posts will start showing up. To speed this up, follow some people, like some posts and reblog some posts. These are “human-like” actions that will help make your blog appear faster.

Tags are used to tag your post. People will search tags and find your content if it’s tagged with what they’re looking for.


Setting Image Click-Through To Tumblr Blog

A great way to build up a following fast is to set the click-through link to your Tumblr blog. While they’re on your blog, a follow icon will appear in the right-hand corner.

Tumblr Click-Through Link


Share Via Twitter, Reddit, Forums and Other Sites

If you’ve got other social networks (that allow for adult content) share your content and link to the Tumblr blog


Submit Tumblr Blog To Google

Doing this will allow it to come up in search. More information in the ‘Search Engine Optimization’ section of this post.


Tumblr Design & Appearance

Having an well designed Tumblr blog is very important. It helps you stand out in the crowd. Tumblr is very customizable (down to the HTML of the actual theme itself) and you can really make it look how you want. Make it look sexy, you’re a webcam model after all! Here’s some tips for Tumblr design.


Tumblr ThemesTumblr Themes

The first thing you’ll have to do is figure out a theme. There are many themes on Tumblr (see right). More themes are available  online. Once a theme is selected, it can be further customized. Most themes will have options (background image or color, design and layout settings, social media icons, ect). What options a theme might have depends on the theme itself. The theme can be further customized through modifying the HTML of the theme file. This is a little complicated and requires a little bit of knowledge of HTML. Luckily, most the modifications can be done without this.


Tumblr Description

The Tumblr description generally appears as a sidebar or on the header. This description accepts full HTML. This means you can add links (website, chatroom, ect) images, embedded videos and more content. The “Best way” to use the description depends a lot on the theme and the location the description appears. Be creative.


Thumbnail and Background Image

Your thumbnail and background images are very important. The thumbnail will appear next to all your posts. If they hover the cursor over your avatar, the avatar and background will show up with a follow button. This is why a good background image is important, even if your theme doesn’t show a background image. The background is still very important. They should be sexy, if that’s not implied. A sample of how the avatar and background appear within tumblr below.

Tumblr Camgirl Design

Definitely have something that shows off your face and body. This girl has her schedule posted which is a very good idea. She did this by adding her schedule to her description.

As you can see, the beginning of your description shows up in the blog previews, which means you should definitely have some indicator that you are a webcam model in the description or background image. This will let browsers know what you are all about and that it’s not just another NSFW Tumblr blog.



Driving Traffic From Tumblr

Building up a following is an important step to Tumblr marketing, but the ultimate goal is to drive traffic and make money. Here are some tips to drive more traffic from your Tumblr blog


Watermark Your Content

This is very important. People will often scrape the content from other Tumblr blogs to repost it on Tumblr as well as other websites. They might pin it to sex.com or any of the other porn-sharing sites. By watermarking your content, anyone who scrapes and shares your content is helping you with your marketing.

You’re going to want to watermark it with your website! Not your Tumblr blog (in case it changes someday), your cam network URL or any other web property that is not a domain you own! This is because you might change networks, blog URLs might change, but your website address won’t change (as long as you renew it each year, which is cheap).

If you don’t already have one, learn how to build a website. If it sounds too complicated, holler at us. We’re hosting resellers and not only will be offer better pricing than the companies we’re reselling for, but we’ll install a WordPress site onto your hosting plan for you. All you have to do is purchase the domain name (we’ll walk you through it!)

There are many free tools out there for watermarking your content. Google it.


Tumblr Image Source and Click-Through Link

In the beginning, I would highly suggest setting the click-through image to your Tumblr blog. This helps build a following. Once you’ve got a following, switch gears and start linking to your website, chatroom, ect. Your followers and those finding you in tag search will reblog and this will help build the following, so you really don’t need the clickthrough traffic. It’s much better to send it to other web properties where the traffic can be monetized.


Tumblr Automation

Did you know that it’s possible to put your Tumblr blog on autopilot? There are many methods of automating a Tumblr blog. Here are some of the automations available for use.


Automating Tumblr Through WordPress

If you’ve got a WordPress website, it’s possible to automate social media directly through WordPress. There are multiple plugins that do this, but I personally prefer Nextscripts. If you don’t want to use Nextscripts, just search for “social media automation” within the WordPress plugin section. Alternatively, IFTTT is a great tool for automating many social networks, not just WordPress and Tumblr. Both options are free of charge.


Using The Post Que

This isn’t necessarily automation, but it is in a sense. Tumblr has a que feature that allows you to que up multiple posts. This means you can take a whole bunch of sexy pics and upload it to the que. Set which hours you want the que to post and it’ll take care of the rest. This is a great way to keep posting content consistently without having to keep on top of things.


Time & Date Triggers

IFTTT has a time and date trigger. This allows you to create an automated Tumblr post everytime you’re about to go on with a link to your chatroom. Not only can this be done with Tumblr, but with many, many, many other social networks as well.


Making More Money Off Tumblr

If your webcam network has an affiliate program, you need to join it and you need to be using it with Tumblr. Affiliate marketing is when a company will pay a webmaster to refer traffic to their site. If the traffic converts, the webmaster gets paid a commission. Most the webcam networks have an affiliate program. Check to see if your network has an affiliate program.

You want to be using your affiliate link to link to your webcam network and your chatroom (assuming the network allows it). This way, if you refer traffic that converts and spends, you’ll make money regardless of whether they’re spending it on you or not. If they’re spending that money on you, it’s like “double dipping” on the profit.


Tumblr & Search Engine Optimization

Turing up in search is a great way to increase your Tumblr traffic and following. Tumblr also “follows their backlinks”which means linking to your other websites will help the other sites rank better. Here’s some of the ways Tumblr will help with SEO and some ways to make Tumblr more search-friendly.


Tumblr For Link Building

As mentioned above, Tumblr follows their backlinks. This means that “LinkJuice” will pass through the link to the page its linking to, and make that page rank higher. By adding links to your website to the photos and blog copy will help benefit your other websites.


Read more: Search Engine Optimization For Webcam Models and Linkbuilding For Webcam Models


Making Tumblr More SEO-Friendly

Tumblr is a blogging platform that can appear in search. But in order for it to appear in search, Google has to discover it and index it. There’s also tweaks that can be don to make the content perform better in search engines.

Submit Blog To Google – You should definitely submit your Tumblr blog to do that. In order to do that, you’ll need to sign-up for Webmaster Tools. Add your site (the full url; http://subdomain.tumblr.com/) and you’ll have to verify it. You’ll want to verify it using an alternative method, and the HTML tag. Google will give you an HTML code snippet to add to the header of the Tumblr blog.

Google Webmaster Tools Tumblr Verifcation

Copy that code snippet (ctrl+c) and paste it (ctrl+P) in the header of your Tumblr blog. To do that, go to your blog and customize it. Go to edit the HTML. Find the head tag (“<head>” without the quotes) and past the code right after it, see below:

Tumblr Javascript In Header

Now go back to Webmaster Tools and verify the site. That’s all you need to verify the site. Now Google knows it exists.


URL-Structure – By optimizing the URL-structure, the individual posts will be more search-engine friendly. The URL can be modified with the settings icon on the new post screen. You want keywords in the URL structure and formatted like “/keywords-in-url-structure/”, all lowercase and with dashes in between each word.

Tumblr URL Structure


Caption Optimization – Google likes text with it’s images. It uses the text on a webpage to help better determine what the pics are about. By adding captions, your posts will be more search engine friendly.

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