Tips For Traveling To The USA For Adult Work


Traveling To The USA For Porn Shoots / Adult Work

If you are from another country and try to go to the US for work (yes even adult work) you have to obtain a work visa. With adult work you usually get denied for a work visa. However, this does not stop many individuals from going to the United States to work in the adult field. If you choose to do this you can get banned from entering the U.S. for anywhere from five years to never being allowed into the country at all.’


Here Are Some Tips For Traveling

These are a few pointers for you when traveling to the U.S. I have collected this information from individuals that travel to the U.S. and from some that have been banned that did not know that this could happen. Before you book that flight take these precautions and hopefully you can avoid the same fate:


Lock Your Social Media At Least Two Weeks Prior To Trip

This means people have to ask to be added to your lists. Be sure to go through your current followers and take away anyone that does not have a profile pic. (Twitter eggs)


Blur Your Face On Ads (For RT Sessions, Dommes, etc.)

This means going through your previous ads and changing the photos. This should be done as much in advance as you can before you leave for your trip. Also blur any tattoos that are visible when wearing clothing.


Google Your Name

Just to see what ads you missed and see if you can change the photos or take them down all together.


Schedules Should Be Left On The Cloud

Do not have a copy on you or in your luggage. Documents stored in the cloud can be more easily protected compared to having papers in your possession.


Clear / Erase Your Phone and Laptop

Erase all emails or texts. If you are detained they can go through your phone. If deny them access, it will raise suspicion. Check your contacts list and be sure it does not include company names or websites.


Make A Fake Itinerary With Sightseeing Locations

Keep this on you when boarding the plane. You will look more like a tourist. Be sure to add your hotel information as well.


Do Not Pack Things That Would Give You Away

Lingerie, condoms, toys, unless you have a good story to go with it! These things are easy enough to buy on location. You can even see if they will be provided for you at the shoot.


Do Not Pack Model Release Forms / 2257

Email this to yourself and print it out at the location. The best idea is to mail or courier the signed documents back to your home location rather than travel with them.


Have A Fresh Memory Card For Your Camera

Do not have photos of previous shoots on your cameras.


Email Yourself Your Current Tests

Some producers will ask to see your HIV/STI testing. If you have a current one, scan it and email it to yourself. Then you can print it when you get to your location. Most hotels have a business center. Or you can get tested in the USA, but it will cost you. The great thing is that they have same-day testing.


Have A Friend Go Through The Luggage (Even Carry-On)

An extra pair of eyes is always helpful. They may find something questionable that you wouldn’t have even thought of.


More Tips For Traveling / Working In The USA

In another posting I am putting together we will cover what do during your trip. What red flags they are looking for. As well as what to expect if you are detained. I hope this posting helps you have a easier work trip.


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