TopDolls: NSFW Instagram Alternative – Nudity Allowed!


TopDolls: Instagram Alternative For Camgirls / Adult Stars

TopDolls is a social networking game, based on photo and video sharing. Models upload their content, and the users vote on it. The Models receive “Diamonds” from their Fans for the content they like. Each Diamond is a point. The more diamonds a model gets, the higher the rank.

Models compete monthly for the title of “TopDoll,” and can win prizes, including;

  • photo shoots
  • social media promotion
  • cash prizes


Promote your Services While Competing For Cash

TopDolls is a great place to market your services. Although you’re not able to include any links to your sites, there are still ways to gain valuable exposure. First, you should be registering for TopDolls under the same name you use for camming, selling clips or whatever other services your offering.

Second, you’re able to use your profile to let users know what other services you offer. Use your profile to indicate what adult services you are offering. You can also include the networks you’re a part of, the other social media accounts you have and a link to your personal website. The link won’t be hyperlinked (clickable) but it’ll still tell people where to find more of you.

Third, TopDolls is a social networking site. You’re able to interact with the TopDolls userbase. Commenting on media, sending winks and using hashtags are all ways to interact with users and use the social media aspects of the application.

The last way you can promote your services is by watermarking your content. You can watermark it with your website address, a custom logo if you have one, an @name (Twitter, Instagram, ect) or simply with your stage name.


TopDolls Supports Nudity and NSFW Content

Unlike Instagram, Snapchat and many other popular apps, TopDolls supports nudity. Also, TopDolls is focused solely around sexy photos and videos. No food porn, scenic views or any of those other things people use the other apps for. This makes it a great place to reach new fans, followers and customers. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about getting banned for showing some skin.


Top 20 Models Get Monthly Prizes

Each month the top 20 models win prizes. The higher you rank, the better the rewards. Prizes include cash prizes, social media exposure and other perks. The rankings reset monthly, and each month is a new opportunity to win.


Get Started With TopDolls Today!

Ready to get started with TopDolls? Signup today! Models are able to register from the TopDolls website, or through the mobile application. The mobile app can be found in the Google Play store. The Apple version is planned to be released soon. If you’re not using an Android, you can still access the app through their official website.


More Ways To Market Your Adult Services

Looking for more ways to promote your services? Social media is a great method of reaching a wide number of fans and followers. There’s also tons of other ways that camgirls, clip producers and other adult performers can market their services. Check out our marketing section for more ways of promoting yourself.

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