Testing Budget Webcams (Under $35!)

Webcams are an important part of live streaming as a cam model

The quality of your webcam can make or break your earnings, viewers want high quality streams with clear audio, no glitches or lag, and beautiful color grading. In our guides, we typically recommend at least a 720p webcam, although 1080p is turning into the new industry standard. Is every 1080p webcam the same? Definitely not. There are reliable companies that prioritize the quality of their cams and price them much higher, but are there any diamonds in the rough that fall under $30?

Watch the Webcam Reviews:

What webcams did we test out?

We tried out 5 webcams, but which were worth our time and which ended up being lemons?

The Best:
Keedox 1080P Webcam with Microphone, 2MP Webcam Desktop Laptop USB 2.0 Web Camera, Streaming Webcam for Widescreen Video Calling and Recording – Out of all of the webcams we tried in the above video, this one had the least amount of issues. Our only problem was with the clamp mechanism that holds it to the monitor not being the best quality. Overall, it had the greatest quality out of all of the budget webcams we tried, as well as the best audio. Coming in at just $32.99, we find that this webcam is worth the money in a pinch and can serve as a great starter camera until you are able to upgrade.

1080P HD Webcam with Microphone, Webcam for Laptop or Desktop Webcam, USB Computer Camera, Gaming Conferencing, 110-Degree Widescreen Web Camera with 360° Rotat Black – Coming in at $29.99 this is our second best camera, the quality is… fine. The zoom on the camera is atrocious but it can be avoided by setting the camera up far from where you’ll be standing or sitting. The audio is awful, but is not as awful as the others we tried.

The Worst:
VANKYO Full HD 1080P Webcam, HMW1 USB Webcam with Microphone, 110° Wide Angle, Plug & Play, Streaming Computer Web Camera for PC Laptops Desktop Video Calling, Conferencing, Recording, Gaming – What this camera lacks in audio and video… and stability… and everything else, it makes up for in color saturation. Like a lot of color saturation. Almost unbearable. For the price tag of $34.99 I’d recommend you buy multiple bags of potatoes instead, because the quality on those would be better.

NOV8Tech Webcam with Microphone, Full HD 1080P Web Camera, USB Plug & Play for Desktop PC & Laptop Windows & MacOS, Facial-Enhancement Technology for Video Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, Gaming and LOPXBTA Webcam, HD 1080P Webcam with Microphone, Suitable for Video Calls and Recording Videos (B Model) – Since these webcams are the same brand bought out by different companies, they get to share a review. Sitting at $24.99 and $28.99 respectively, the only use for these would be as an alternative bondage form using their cords, because as webcams they are absolutely useless. I’d sooner stream on a Motorola Razer than one of these (if that was even possible.) I’d pay to watch someone destroy these things.

What webcams do we recommend?

The Best Webcams To Use For Adult Camming are definitely Logitech webcams. These are the “tried and true” industry webcams, and although their price fluctuates you can typically snag these on Amazon. (Although right now due to Coronavirus the price of webcams has skyrocketed online and you may be better off ordering curbside pickup at BestBuy.)

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