Switter: Sex-Worker Friendly Twitter Alternative


Switter: Social Media For Pornstars and Camgirls

Switter is a new social media site that launched right around the same time services started banning adult because of SESTA. The goal of Switter is simple; provide a sex-work friendly social media platform. As we all know, not all social media is adult-friendly. The networks that are, have slowly been cracking down over the years. With many services that cater to both mainstream and adult, one must question whether or not someday that site adult the boot. With adult-oriented networks like Switter, you never have to worry about the site turning their back on you!


Built On Mastodon: Open-Source Social Network

Switter is built on Mastodon. Mastodon is an open-source social network / CMS. Very similar to what we know as a “Whitelabel” within the industry. Except it’s hosted on the webmasters own servers.

Mastodon Social Network

As long as you’re able to go through and understand the documentation, anyone can deploy their own social network using the platform. And since it’s completely documented and the webmaster has control of the source code, they can further customize the network in any way they see fit. Mastodon comes with tons of great features right out of the box. Basically everything you see available on Switter. More functionality can be added with the right code.


Main Switter Features


Sex-Worker Friendly

Switter is sex-worker friendly. There is never any banning, shadow-banning or otherwise censoring people just because they’re in the porn industry. This includes pornstars, camgirls and escorts. This is why sex-workers have flocked to Switter, post-SESTA.


Based Out Of Australia

Switter is based out of Australia, where sex work is legal. Because of this, Assembly 4 is immune from any local laws. Because the company is based outside of the United States, they’re also immune from US domestic laws, and therefore SESTA/FOSTA doesn’t apply to the company.


500 Character “Toots”

The “Toots” is a Mastodon thing. I hope in the future Switter changes them to “Sweets”, but we’ll see if that ever becomes a reality. A toot is just like a tweet in Twitter. The big difference is that toots allow for 500 characters. Much more than Twitter. Share media, links and hashtag your posts. Everything you love about tweets are also included in toots.


Connect Switter and Twitter (Cross-Poster)

Someone has developed a handy tool that allows Switter users to sync their Twitter with any site running on Mastodon. It’s called the Twitter / Mastodon Cross-Poster. In order for it to work, you’ll have to sync both your Switter and Twitter. For the Switter, you’ll need your full user name. It’s whatever your @handle is, with “@switter.at” at the end. For example, ours is @WebcamStartup / webcamstartup@switter.at. The Twitter integration is as simple as accepting the app permissions.

Once synced, everything you tweet will also be posted to Switter.


Listings Section

Switter has a listing section for escorts. Keep in mind that the listings are public, and there’s no guarantee that law enforcement will not monitor them. If you’re legally escorting, this is not a concern. If there’s any kind of crack-down post-SESTA in the United States, this should be a concern for domestic escorts.

  • Use the hashtag #swlisting
  • List your location: You need to actually write “location: Canberra” not just the location.
  • List your contact info. MAKE SURE THESE ARE ON SEPARATE LINES


Privacy Settings: Hide Account On Switter / Search Engines

If privacy is a major concern, it’s possible to control multiple privacy features. Switter users can set their account to hidden, where it’s accessible to anyone via links, but won’t appear in searches or feeds.  It’s also possible to restrict the account to followers-only. If you don’t wish to appear in search, you can indicate that in the settings as well.


Connections and Messaging

Just like Twitter, Switter supports connections (follow/follow-back), direct messaging and all those fun social features you’d expect from a social media site. All these features behaves identical to Twitter, so everything feels natural and most people understand how the system works.


Profiles: Bio, Cover Photo and Avatar

The profiles behave very similar to Twitter’s. In fact, you can copy and paste your Twitter bio and it’ll fit perfectly into Switter. The profile avatars and cover artwork also works very similarly, although there are some issues with directly transferring images over. As you can see by comparing our Twitter and Switter accounts, the Switter version’s of the cover image is cropped and the profile is placed over the middle of the banner image.


Switter Profiles Vs Twitter Profiles

Webcam Startup Switter



Webcam Startup Twitter

So, performers might have to play around with their cover artwork to get everything looking perfect.


Timeline, Search and Hashtag Pages

The timeline, searches and hashtags work very similar to Twitter, with some exceptions. Instead of just a single timeline feed, there’s multiple feeds arranged in columns. There’s the “Home Feed”, which can be filtered through a couple different settings. There’s also a “Notifications” feed” and a 3rd column that can be customized to display one of many different feeds. People who have used tools such as TweetDeck before will find this setup very familiar.


Get Started On Switter Today!

Ready to get started on Switter? Signup today! All you need is a working email address and you can get started right away. Switter is built for sex-workers, so the network will always be adult-friendly. If you know how to use Twitter, it’ll be insanely easy to figure Switter out. Whether you are an escort, camgirl or pornstar, everyone is welcome to use the platform without risks of bans or shadow-bans.

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