Complete Guide To Becoming A Professional Sugar Baby

How To Get Started As A Sugar Baby

If you’re reading this guide, that means you’re interested in becoming a sugar baby. Being a sugar baby has a lot of perks. It can help you achieve financial freedom, travel the world and much, much more. Finding a good sugar daddy also keeps getting easier. There are many sugar dating networks out there that help connect babies to daddies.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with sugar dating.


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What’s Required To Get Started

There are no real requirements, outside of needing to be eighteen or older. There is a lot of things that do make it a lot easier though. For example, a computer or a phone is fairly necessary for accessing the sugar dating sites and apps. Clothes, makeup, accessories to look your best also helps. As well as a solid form of transportation. So although the only requirement is being eighteen or older, there’s a lot of things that can help you in your sugar dating career.

How Much Money Do Sugar Babies Make?

This is a very difficult question to answer and it varies from baby to baby. A lot of things can factor into how a sugar baby gets compensated. This includes; what you can bring to the table, what you’re willing to do, how generous the daddy is, how well you both hit it off and much, much, more. Allowance is discussed during the first meet. If you don’t like what the potential sugar daddy is willing to do for you, you can always walk away.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all compensation is monetary. In addition to allowance, there is usually other perks to the arrangement. This might include traveling the world, being spoiled with gifts, wining and dining and much, much more. There’s some sugar dating arrangements where there is no allowance, and all compensation comes from non-monetary perks.

Every single sugar dating arrangement is different, so there’s no  real “industry standard”.

Do You Have To Have Sex With The Sugar Daddies?

No, you don’t. There’s a big misconception that sugar babies are required to have sex with their sugar daddies. The truth is, sugar babies don’t have to do anything they don’t want to. In the start of the sugar dating process, the baby and daddy goes over their expectations, hard-lines and compensation. If sex is completely off the table, just be upfront about it. A lot of potential sugar daddies aren’t even looking for sex, but rather for companionship and other reasons.

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Sugar Dating Sites: Finding Your Sugar Daddy

The best way to find potential sugar daddies is through a sugar dating site. These networks sort of function like regular dating sites, but geared exclusively for sugar dating. The highest quality sites will also go above and beyond. This includes vetting the sugar daddies and verifying income. This helps protect you from getting ripped off by people who aren’t what they say they are. You can either select the site that you like best, or create profiles on multiple sites.

Leading Sugar Dating Sites:


Setting Up Your Sugar Dating Site Profile

Once you’ve registered for the sugar dating sites, it’s time to setup your profile. Your profile is very, very important. You’ll want to use the best photos possible, give accurate information and make a compelling case on why you’d make a good sugar baby. Remember, you’re going to be competing with all the other potential sugar babies. Your profile needs to stand out from the crowd and grab the interest of the potential daddies. The linked-to article below goes over all the best practices for creating the perfect profile.

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Interacting With Potential Sugar Daddies On The Sites

Now that you’ve registered for the sites and created your perfect profile, it’s time to attract a sugar daddy! Just being on the site, your profile should naturally get views and messages. The first initial messages are going to be getting to know each other, finding common ground and seeing if the relationship might be a good fit.

If the site you’re on offers job and income verification, this is something to look for. More serious sugar daddies will be verified. Because a potential sugar daddy isn’t job/income verified doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not serious. Verification is definitely a very positive indicator though. Remember, there’s a lot of crazy and creepy people out there. You want to make sure the potential sugar daddy is who they say they are.

After the initial conversations and getting to know each other a little, it’s time to discuss arrangements. This conversation might take place in person, or over the site’s messaging system. Don’t be afraid to be upfront and ask the tough questions. Also don’t be afraid to let your limits be known. All this is very important, and you want to make sure there’s no confusion.

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Discussing Allowance, Arrangements And Comfort Zones

After you’ve found the right sugar daddy and the initial conversations are done, it’s time to discuss the arrangement. This includes what both parties expect out of the relationship, and the compensation. It’s important to understand that no single sugar arrangement is going to be identical. Different daddies expect different things and different babies have different boundaries. This is why it’s so important to be very clear, precise and honest during this process. You want to make sure there’s no misunderstandings or surprises as far as what’s expected.

It’s also important to understand that compensation isn’t always allowance. Sugar babies also get spoiled by their daddies. In some relationships, there is no allowance, but the non-monetary perks can be very lavish. This might include travel, entertainment, fine dining, clothes, jewelry, and the list goes on.

When discussing the arrangement, it’s important to be happy and comfortable with the deal. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re doing something you don’t want to do. You also want to be happy with what the daddy is offering in return. Remember, if you don’t like what’s being offered, you can always walk away. There’s more potential sugar daddies out there, and it’s better to keep looking, rather than end up in an arrangement you don’t like.

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