Sugar Babies: How To Setup The Perfect Sugar Dating Profile

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SBs: How To Setup The Perfect Profile On Sugar Dating Sites

Just like any form of social media or online dating, setting up your profile is key to your success. This is especially true with sugar dating. I can write article after article about in what to look for in a sugar daddy, or how to tell if a potential daddy is serious, but if the sugar daddies are scared away by your profile then there is nothing to talk about. So, just like you would take your time and invest in how you would present yourself in person, you have to do the same with your online profile.


Having The Perfect Profile Picture Is Insanely Important!

The first thing to catch a daddy’s eye that will differentiate you from the other possible sugar babies is your profile picture. This single picture can say a whole lot about you, and can lead to daddies messaging you or completely ignoring you. Selecting the right picture is key. Following these few simple guidelines, you can select a picture that will draw the eyes and heart of your potential sugar daddies.

These four simple tips will be the first step in building the best profile you can:

Use Proper Lighting – Have proper lighting. Being artistic is great and all, but a shadowed picture of half your face won’t work. Photos like these are great for your deviant art page, but isn’t what you should use for your sugar dating profile.

Do Your Hair and Makeup – Do your hair, makeup, etc. Just like you were going on a date with someone you want to impress, you should look your best.

Use An HD Camera – Use an HD camera. Most modern phones have a pretty nice HD camera built in now a days, but if yours does not find a friend to snap a few good pics for you.

Don’t Use Mirror Selfies – DO NOT use a mirror selfie. They can look very trashy, very easily. Most daddies will want something more glamour model style. It can still be a selfie, you just have to make it look good. (keep the selfie arm out of the picture)


Add More Photos, Including Photos That Show Your Personality and Interests

You’ll definitely want more pictures than just your profile photo. Adding more pictures into your gallery will give daddies a better idea of what you look like, as well as help verify that you are real. This is where you can post those beloved selfies, and other random pics. It is good practice to put some pics that show off your personality and possible interests as well. Have a great shot of you at a dance performance? Or maybe you went mountain climbing and loved it? All those make great gallery pics!


What About That Sexy Lingerie Pic I Took?

Posting sexy pics is totally an option, and I myself use plenty in my sugar dating profiles. With the sexier pictures though, you have to keep in mind it will attract all types of men; Some serious and some who will remind you of a bad night on Tinder. My use of sexy pics has attracted some of my best daddies to my profile, but it has also gotten me more ‘hey, wanna have sex?’ messages then I can count. So, use at your own discretion.


Writing The Best Sugar Baby Bio / Providing Additional Information

Once you have posted a good profile pics and some gallery pics, it’s time to fill out the text portion of your profile. These are usually broken down in a couple sections. The first being the bio. This is the drop-down boxes that ask for height, weight, age, hair color etc etc. It pays to be honest here. Most daddies will expect to see what your profile stated when you finally meet them.

The second part of the profile is the About Me section. This is where you can really let your personality shine through. In the about me section you would talk all about you! This is where you talk about your interests, your goals, and what you are doing with your life. This is the best place to be honest. You don’t need to try and lie to impress those who have made it this far into your profile.

The last section is the ‘What Are You Looking For’ section. This is where you will outline just what kind of arrangement you are looking for. This doesn’t mean your desires are set in stone, but this is where your potential daddies can get an idea of what you both want if it will mesh well together. This part of the profile you need to be detailed, and explain what you are looking for and what you expect from sugar dating.


I Filled Out My Profile Information – What’s Next?

So once you have uploaded the good pics, and filled out the text of your profile it should start attracting more quality messages from your perspective daddies. By showing you put some effort into your profile they will then put some effort into their messages. Following this simple guide will be one of the best steps in find a quality sugar relationship.


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