Streamate: New Mobile Gold Shows


Streamate: Mobile Gold Shows On Neon App

Streamate has announced new mobile Gold Shows. If you have Gold Shows unlocked, you can now start one while streaming on Neon! Neon Live Streaming is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to log in and stream right from your mobile device. If you haven’t had a chance to try a mobile stream yet, now is a great time. The app is better than ever, and there are lots of unique ways to use mobile streaming to stand out. Check out the news and tips for getting started below!


Mobile Gold Shows

To access mobile Gold Shows, make sure you’re on the latest version of the Neon app. Once you’re connected to your Streamate Models account, start your live stream! Open the menu and tap the third tab (gear icon), then tap the Gold Show setup button to get started. Set up your show the same way you would on desktop. The app will store your settings between shows. When you start the pre-show countdown, the menu will update with a progress bar towards your goal. Your top spenders will be listed once the Gold Show gets started.


More Reasons to Try Neon Live Streaming

Neon Live Streaming puts a surprising number of features right into your pocket. Neon is built with our fastest streaming technology and is one of our top recommended streaming methods. Late last year Streamate added their improved Cam2Cam experience to Neon, giving you a blazing fast video connection with your members. Streamate also added mobile Block Sessions just last month (if you’re a regular Neon user, this means there’s no longer a need to change your show settings when switching from mobile to desktop). Everything is contained in the app, giving you amazing versatility. Just grab your phone and start streaming!


Streamate’s Upcoming Placement Changes

Streamate recently announced an upcoming change to video quality placement, and Neon is one of the approved supercharged ways that can help you hit this sort boost coming on April 15th. To help maintain a resolution of 720p or higher, Streamate recommends streaming over a strong wifi signal (using mobile data may result in lower quality video). You should also try to maintain good lighting. If you need an extra light, the app has an option to turn on your flash when using the rear facing camera.


Try Neon Mobile Streaming For yourself

To try Neon and mobile streaming for yourself, visit the Neon Live Streaming help page. Make sure to follow the instructions to connect Neon to your Streamate Models account. Following those steps are what will allow you to log in and start a stream any time or place! There’s also a tour of the app to introduce you to its features.

Tips and Tricks for Mobile Streaming

Mobile streaming is a unique tool, and that can feel intimidating! Read the tips below and brainstorm ways that you could add mobile streaming to your shows:

  • Viewers love streams that are clear and give them a good view. Practice holding the camera steady so you can avoid a disorienting “shaky cam” effect.
  • You don’t need your phone in hand the whole time. Use a small tripod or find nearby places to set your phone when you need both hands free.
  • Time for your close-up! It’s never been easier to grab your camera and give viewers a zoomed in shot of your sexiest features.
  • Where to begin? Start at home where you’re already comfortable. Take your time practicing holding the camera, zooming in, and figuring out what your audience reacts to.
  • Branch out to new rooms and show types. Using your phone means no other equipment is required! Have fun with whipped cream in the kitchen, take a tour of your costumes or toys, or take a bubble bath (careful to keep your phone dry)!
  • Want to venture outside? Keep things simple. Take your viewers on a lunch date and answer their dirty questions, or take a walk while letting members play with your interactive vibe.


Be Careful While Mobile Streaming!

Most of all, be careful and stay safe! Don’t stream while driving or while doing any activity that requires complete attention. All mobile shows must follow the Performer Code of Conduct. Avoid showing other people or pets in your shot, be careful about sharing too much info about your location, and don’t break any local laws. Review the Site Rules and Safety guide for more info.


More Information On Streamate

Interested in becoming a Streamate webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about the camming site by checking out the link below. Streamate is a popular camming site with tons of great features. All genders are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money streaming on the platform. In addition to camming, also make money from clips. Now Streamate models can take advantage of mobile gold shows through the Neon App!

Learn More: Make Money Camming On Streamate

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